Day 4 – Shopping Sunday !!

So here I’am once again, trying to churn up a post while my mind is whizzing in all directions. No!! There is nothing bad or disturbing going on. It’s just that, too much needs to be done before going to bed today. The long winter break is over !! From tomorrow, everything kickstarts to a full bloom again.

It was a wonderful break with a fabulous Florida vacation in the first week and a relaxing second week at home. So ideally, I should be done with everything by now and not running about like a maniac now. But the key word is ‘ideal’ here and things are very rarely ideal in our crazy household since we love making last minute plans. Anyway things were perfectly according to plan till noon.

We got up pretty late and after a relaxing cup of tea the hubby and I started talking about the remaining home projects that needed our attention. Unanimously we agreed that the rec room in the basement was crying for attention. Our basement is divided into three major parts. One is the utility/laundry area. Second is a store room with a corner designated for our elliptical. And yes we do exercise there 😀 (in case you are wondering). The third is a very large room which is divided into a rec room and Daughter’s play room. Somehow the play room part was done right after we moved in but the rec room didn’t have much apart from the sectional sofa. Hubby has been dyeing for a home bar ever since we moved here. So today we decided to undertake the idea of being creative and making our home bar. Of course our creativity is very limited and we can only be creative as long as we are in IKEA. So we rushed to make the 45 mile drive.

As if going to IKEA was not enough !! We also went to Kirklands and Home Goods !! Needless to say we came back with our car full of stuff. Trust me at one point we thought, we need to return the very beautiful dining room wall art just so that we could accommodate all the other stuff we got. But as the old saying goes alls well that ends well. So after a lot of space management everything was in place.

After coming home it was a mad rush trying to put Daughter to bed by 8:45. While she had her dinner I quickly made some spicy veg biryani with soya chunks for us. Now that she is in bed we will try to assemble some of the furniture. Hanging the wall arts is the easy part.

So need to go and help hubby to at least start the basement project. Hopefully we can get the bar up and running by next weekend. So next time you guys need a drink, you know where to come !! Cheers !!


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