Day 5 – Meaningful Monday

The house was so quiet today, after a very long time. The grey skies and the constant snow made the outside look so dreary. I really hate these long winter months. Even though the sun peeked out for sometime, the bone chilling temperature pretty much wiped out any ideas of venturing out.

Daughter was dressed in 4 layers today and still complained of being cold. The kids at the bus stop really looked cute all bundled up. I was thankful the kids had inside recess today but Daughter complained that she is bored with inside recess and it’s much more fun to be outside. I absolutely agree with her sentiments. Being outside is much more fun and I think the scope for unstructured play is much more outside.

One thing that I want to record today is the awesome conversation that I had with my baby girl who is not a baby anymore 😦 . I was actually talking to her about the importance of time management. The reason for our talk is because this little missy loves dilly-dallying and pretend playing. Give her any place and leave her there for a few minutes, when you come back, you will find her pretend playing. Mostly she starts play acting the book that she has been reading. That’s how we waste a lot of time calling her to do certain things. Trust me even in the morning when she is in the bathroom , you will hear her talking to some pretend character. Sometimes it’s cute but mostly it can get quite frustrating to put it mildly. The other, is her penchant for perfection. That can also cause some major delays. These days, I often find incomplete work in her school folder. When I talked to her teacher, she told me that Daughter loves to make things perfect. Her teacher told me not to worry as it’s pretty common. Moreover her teacher said there wasn’t any need for concern since she has observed Daughter do things, and the times when she doesn’t finish her work is purely because she is busy making things better and not exactly wasting her time.

But try telling that to this mom. To me the recipe for success is do your best and in time. You do not have the luxury to take your sweet time. At least that’s how the academic world functions. So today, I was explaining to her why time management is so important. I was amazed at her reaction. She not only understood all that I was telling her but also told me how she is trying to do things in the given time. I was pleasantly surprised when she said, if the teacher says to complete certain things in 10 minutes, she challenges herself to 7. I was dumbstruck to know her little brain has worked out a strategy to fight with her weakness. We also talked about focussing on things and not to be distracted. We talked about limiting our pretend play to certain times.

All in all, it was such a rewarding conversation. A conversation that made me realize how fast she is growing. It also made me realize that slowly and steadily, she is becoming more independent and she is using her own judgement to help her through. A conversation which gave me an insight to her mind. She really made me proud today !!!


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