Day – 8 The Crazy Lady !!

Last two days were like cheat posts. What can I say desperate times called for desperate measures 🙂 . Anyway little unexpected delays can throw you off the routine. Due to extreme drop in temperature and general bad weather Daughter’s school is running on a two hour delay policy. The first day, we were totally unprepared. We were woken up at 5:45 in the morning by a call from the school. We decided to get some extra sleep and wake a wee bit later than usual. Before you know it, I was suddenly woken by my Daughter fervently shaking me and screaming on top of her lungs, “mommy wake up !! It’s 9 o’ clock. I missed my school. Why are you and daddy still sleeping?” Trust me that’s not one of my favorite ways of waking up. After being blessed with a throbbing headache for the rest of the day, it wasn’t any surprise I needed a pick-me-up

Anyway I explained to her about the delay and calmed her down. After which it was a mad rush to catch the bus on time. That too after being given two hours of extra time 🙂 .

Yesterday was comparatively a sane day with mostly everything done without any mad rush. So today probably I am making up for it by being a tad bit crazy. Everything was going fine, Daughter was done with breakfast half an hour before the bus was supposed to come. Hubby was in a meeting. I looked out of the window. It was beautiful sunny day. I knew it was very cold outside and so I debated whether to walk or drive Daughter to the bus stop. Since the snow in our driveway had not been cleared, driving on that didn’t look very appealing. So we decided to take the two minute walk !! Once again while debating whether to walk or drive, I had ignored the ticking of the clock. So we were late yet again and hubby was glaring at me amidst his ongoing call. I ignored him and started putting on my winter paraphernalia only to find my cap missing from its rightful place. Since I didn’t have time to go for a treasure hunt, I decided that for once my hoodie would have to suffice. Next I realized, I didn’t have any time to spare and so slipped on my sneakers. Yes there wasn’t enough time to zip up my winter boots. I knew we needed a few extra minutes to trudge along in that snowy road.

We quickly hurried out. At first the sunlight felt good even though we felt very cold. After taking a few steps, the intensity of the cold winds started to hit me. My fingers started to get numb even in my gloves. The wind made sure the hoodie would not stay on my head. The cold winds almost made it difficult to breathe. Amidst all this, I saw Daughter skipping merrily singing a happy made-up song about snow. Her undisturbed by the cold weather on one side and my grumpy expression on the other, I resigned to the fact that old age really seemed to have caught up to me. After all cold days are a part of our lives.

So to defy the old age I decided to join in her happy spirit. At the bus stop, I saw most of the kids waiting in their cars. Luckily, just then the bus arrived and I waved my bye to Daughter. One of the dad who was there to drop his girls offered to drive me back. They live two houses up from mine. I politely said I didn’t mind the walk back and was met with his quick reply, ‘it’s not a problem and besides it’s -17*F (-26*C)’. I quickly thanked him and said I’am fine and walked back as fast as I could. Just as I walked in I heard my hubby saying, ‘ are you crazy ?? Why didn’t you drive ?? It’s -17*F outside…. I don’t think it’s one of the best days to take a walk !!’ Apparently everyone other than me knew the exact temperature !!

One day I decided to walk without checking the weather and I think I’am labelled as ‘the crazy lady’ for life. Why oh why 😦 !!

What you thought I was writing about some other crazy lady ??


7 thoughts on “Day – 8 The Crazy Lady !!

  1. Haha, it was funny. But hey, be careful dear. I shiver even at 0* and thinking about -17* itself is scaring the hell out of me. How did you manage to walk!!

  2. exactly I thought you are going to write about some random crazy lady.. Now, if you call yourself crazy for this reason then you have a company.. I do this often, two days ago I waited in train station for a good 15 mins without ear muff or hat. weather was around -17 then.. I was literally shivering when I got into the car and M had to shift all the heat towards me for sometime.. weather is horrible this week!!

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