Day 9 – The Frozen Conversation

This happened a while back when the Frozen fever was going strong in Daughter’s mind and of course in our house. There were days when I played the song ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ early in the morning when Daughter refused to wake up for school. And let’s not even talk about how many times the movie was played when we went on any road trips.

Anyway one day we were lazing around when we started this conversation or let’s say I started to answer her questions.

Daughter: Mommy what will happen if someone freezes my heart ?
Me: I will kiss you to make it all better.
Daughter: But I need true love’s kiss !!
Me: But didn’t you see in the movie Elsa made Anna better by kissing her. So you know, you don’t always need a prince for true love.
Daughter: I do !! (In a very adamant tone)
Me: But honey, the movie shows you about the love of a family. And nobody can love you more than your parents.
Daughter: Who loves you more ??
Me: What do you mean ??
Daughter: Does mum (my mom) love you more than daddy does??
Me: (I knew I was stuck either way but still tried to give a shot) Probably she does.
Daughter: Then how come daddy and you are always cuddling and kissing each other ??
Me: Thanking God for the pressure cooker whistle !! On the pretext of checking the food, I escaped from the room and put an end to the conversations !!

(Note to myself- Next time if I know what’s good for me, I will put an end to these questions before they start getting out of hand.)


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