Day 10 – Does a meaningless post even deserve a title ??

One of our friend is celebrating their daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow. She has specifically asked me to dress Daughter in Indian clothes and me too. Seriously !! Who on earth plans an Indian dress code when the temperature is this bad !! Don’t get me wrong I love wearing and dressing up Daughter in traditional clothes but the warmer temperatures do help. I just hope tomorrow will not be as bad as some of the recent days.

Daughter is super excited to get a chance to wear a new salwaar suit which she was gifted by one of her aunts during our trip to India. We hardly ever get a chance to wear traditional clothes here. So much so that most of our Indian clothes are generally packed in a suitcase. So today I have the big job of hunting down my clothes and pairing them with suitable accessories. Trust me unlike some women, I’am not a very ‘love-to-dress-up’ kind of females. Each time I hear there is a wedding in the family, I feel blessed that I don’t need to stress on what to wear as we won’t be able to attend. But missing the fun is what makes me gloomy. Getting decked up for a party literally freaks me out unlike my Daughter. She on the contrary is a typical girlie girl. We have an absolute no make up rule barring the nail paint on very selective occasions and a lip gloss. Generally she uses her chap sticks but on the rare occasions when she is allowed her lip gloss, the smile on her beautiful face is priceless. She loves that lip gloss with all her heart.

So while I’am still stalling on deciding what to wear, Daughter has almost laid everything on her bed 🙂 .She has everything planned and ready to go for a party which is tomorrow at 5 in the evening !! I have no idea where she gets these particular genes from.

Apart from the party tomorrow we don’t have anything much planned for the weekend. Of course none of our weekends are complete without a grocery shopping trip. I need to head out to the salon now to get a facial and clean those unwanted facial hair. Yes gotta do what you need to do. If I need to wear one of those treasured sarees, I better do it in the right way 🙂 .

And now I will end this meaningless post and put you out of your misery. If any of you have stuck till the end, I thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “Day 10 – Does a meaningless post even deserve a title ??

  1. You are so like me! The only difference is that I end up forgetting to wear accessories even with Indian clothes, on the rare occasion that I do wear Indian clothes. Your daughter sounds so so adorable!

  2. I had sent the rest of the family for grocery shpping this week.. what I need time to write my post and respond to others post right?
    pls do post some pics of you guys in party wear and yes ofcourse good luck with wearing them in this weather!

    1. Good idea… We do need a quiet home for our thoughts to transform into a post 🙂 …. I really need the luck for wearing a saree in this weather… The thought of the frigidvair kissing my belly is making me shiver now !!

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