Day 13 – Planning For Overnight Guests

Today is one of those days when thoughts act so stubborn !! They just refuse to transform into a post no matter how much you coax. The thoughts just sit there while the poor mind hyperventilates knowing I’am going to make it do over time to churn up something in the name of a post. But nothing seems to work. I have been trying to think of topics and crossing all of them it seems. So bear with me guys while I type away some sensible nonsense 🙂 .

This is going to be a short week for Daughter as they have Friday and the following Monday off. We have friends coming over for the weekend. So lots of fun times ahead. Also the usual clean up and the extra cooking. Like I have said before, I’am a planner. I generally need to lay all the details in my head. So according to the plans I do my grocery and stock up the fridge. I’am a very detail oriented person, so making lists of the menu and keeping things handy is something that keeps my sanity in place.

Especially with house guests, it becomes difficult if I don’t plan ahead. Mostly I try to cook in advance and so I’am generally free to have fun when the house is full. I hate being cooped up in the kitchen all day while everyone is playing a game of cards or having fun in general. So while I’ll cook some of the meals and keep them ready, the rest will be prepped and marked into little baggies. That way even after a late night or coming home after a hectic day out, all I need to do is dump everything in a pot and lunch/dinner is pretty much set.

With guests who stay over night, another thing that I almost always try to do is bake a zucchini/banana walnut bread or muffins. They stay very moist and fresh for at least 2-3 days and are a real crowd pleaser with a cup of coffee in the morning. Generally I make pancakes with eggs/sausages/bacon for kids but making pancakes for too many adults can be a back breaking job. And mostly none of us adults want a very heavy breakfast after a late night. So plating these moist slices of homemade bread sure wins a lot of accolades 😀 . What you think I don’t like to hear compliments !! Apart from that, I also try to do a lot of one pot dishes like biryani or rice casserole with veggies and Italian sausage. Prepping for one pot dishes are very easy and they cook in no time. I also stock up the pantry with a lot of snacks for munching whenever the mood strikes.

I generally plan a big spread for the Friday night dinner with appetizer, main course and dessert. And another full course for Saturday lunch. These two I make ahead. Saturday dinner is mostly one of my tried and tested one pot dish. Since a lot of our friends leave after Sunday lunch/brunch, I usually prepare that depending upon the mood and how much time I have.

Living in the US for more than a decade has made me a pretty good planner. Especially because here most of the things, we need to manage single handedly. Of course here I need to mention that hubby helps me immensely on most occasions. Generally he does a very good job of cleaning the whole house and also helps in the kitchen whenever needed. Together I must say, we make a good team. Even though having guests for a few days can be tiring but it also gives us an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness. Most importantly these are friends of my hubby whom I have now known for more than a decade and are almost family.

So looking forward to another fun filled weekend !!!


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