Day 14 – Snippets Of Today

So today I thought I will get over with the post right after I make myself a cup of coffee. With the crazy schedule I have ahead of me, I’am not sure if I’ll get any time in the course of the day. The house seems so quiet today. Hubby had been working from home the last few days, and today with him gone there is a strange quietness. I like to sit in his office area and share a cup of coffee with him. Even though we hardly talk to each other as in the mornings he is busy with back to back calls, I just like to sit with him. Today I really miss that silent companionship. Oh well I’ll say it aloud, I miss him very much.

Since yesterday the weather is getting much better. So that’s a relief. I also started my exercise yesterday!! It made me realize in what bad shape I’am. Just after 10 minutes on the elliptical my knees started to give me a tough time. I had to give, up after pushing myself for a few more minutes. But hopefully it’s gonna get better with some daily dose of exercise. I’am going to keep my fingers crossed that I’am going to continue to exercise and not ditch it like I always do.

Ha !! Talk about planning. Inspite of wanting to get done with today’s post first thing in the morning, it’s past 7 in the evening and the draft is still incomplete. But to my defense, I can say that I have been running around like a headless chicken for most part of the day. So much so by afternoon I was blessed with an unbearable headache. Thank God I decided to take a small nap. Made me feel much better. I have already started to cook for the weekend. But still a very long way to go before I sleep tonight. I’am craving for a cup of strong ginger tea but am too lazy to make one for myself.

As I type away, Daughter is doing her homework. There are days I feel so proud of her. It seems there is a new girl in her class. As most cases of joining mid term, this girl is kind of feeling out of place. Daughter has taken upon her self to make her feel right at home. Today it seems she found the new girl crying and on asking her what the matter was, the girl told Daughter that she had not finished her lunch. Daughter tried making her feel better and also asked the teacher if she could be allowed a snack. Her teacher was very proud of her thoughtfulness. It was a real proud mama moment when I heard about it. The smile on her face was priceless when she told me ‘mommy I calmed her down and Ms.D told me thank you for being so thoughtful’.

Anyway it’s almost dinner time at our house and the hubby has plated my food. He knows I’am tired and is serving me my plate as I try my final attempt at finishing this never-ending post. Hopefully I’ll be able to call it a day in another couple of hours as most of my to-do list is checked. It makes me feel so happy knowing I can put my feet up soon and rest my head on the hubby’s shoulders with a mid week glass of wine. What ?? I deserve a glass today 🙂 .


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