Day 15 – Counting My Blessings #4

There is no better way to cheer you up on a bad day than to count your blessings. It works wonders and in no time the dark clouds lift and the otherwise cheerful self is back. As I have said I have had a wonderful 2014 and the days ahead look promising as well. Even though today is most definitely not a bad day but I wanted to count my blessings and say a thank you to God. I have found that these days most of the time we are so damn wrapped up in our thoughts and our lives that we take for granted the good days. It’s just the bad days that make us dig deeper in our lives.

Anyway one of the things I’am really thankful for is my mum and her constant support. She is the person I need to talk to everyday with my morning cup of coffee. She is an amazing lady. Even though she was a home maker all her life, she took the decision of running my dad’s business after his sudden death. And I’am so proud to say she is doing a wonderful job. She has taken the business to new heights and also expanded it. When everyone doubted her capabilities, she proved them wrong by holding on to her ground.

I also feel so blessed because of the relation she shares with my hubby. I love that the two persons who are a pillar of strength for me are also a constant support to each other. And to Daughter, what can I say, she is the typical doting grandma blind to all her grand daughter’s faults. It’s amazing to see how Daughter reacts if for any reason she hears a slight raise in my voice when I’am talking to my mum. Like I always tell my mum if I’am half as good or capable as she is then I’ll do justice to her upbringing.

Counting my blessings can never be complete without the mention of my darling Daughter. She is the ray of sunshine on a cold winters’ day in our lives. She is the reason I push myself to do things that I otherwise would have given up. When I hear praises from her teachers, it really feels that my heart will burst with pride. This child was really never into drawing. Of course you would find some scribbly scribbles here and there but nothing much. Most importantly, what I saw was she lacked interest. After starting school, it was the same thing. Each week she would bring back a scribbled paper on the days they had arts. While I never scolded her I told her if we have to do something, we better do it good. And she has to deal with drawing or arts for the many coming years ahead. While it’s taken time but I also genuinely see an improvement in her work. She has also developed an interest in it. Before all her free time was eaten up by reading and playing. Now days I often find her drawing and coloring. I know it’s not a big deal but never the less it makes me happy. For me taking an honest interest in everything and putting an effort is very important. Only after trying our hands should we decide whether we like it or not. So to see her drawing a picture without being told is something that puts a smile on my face.

Another person who constantly is a source of happiness is who else but the hubby. Let’s put it this way he is that one person who can take me to the infinite levels of ecstasy and that same person can also take me to infinite levels of exasperation, rage, irritation, annoyance 🙂 . But I’am thankful that above all he is my best friend. I’am thankful that after almost 14 years of marriage he still surprises me in the most unexpected ways. I’am thankful that even now a light peck on the cheek can lead to a passionate love making (of course when daughter is in bed). Yes I’am thankful for all the us-time that we still manage to sneak into our day to day lives.

I’am thankful to be living our dream. Our dream of building our house together and making it a home. I’am thankful that both Daughter and hubby do their share to keep the house clean (the hubby more so). Few minutes before, I was sorting out all the mail and trashing out those not needed and lo and behold soon Daughter started sorting millions of her paperwork (read junk) and trashing them. She really does clean up after herself 🙂 .

I feel blessed on having good friends around us. Those who are always there in our happiness. I’am lucky to have friends with whom even after spending 10 straight days together, we feel it’s not enough.

Feeling blessed is such a wonderful feeling. So tell me have any of you counted your blessings recently ?? It’s such a nice way to make little things important. And as we often find the memories of the little things go such a long way.


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