Day 16 – A Hurried Post !!

Wow !! What a busy day it has been. Even though we are all very excited, but I’am a wee bit tired cooking cleaning and making Daughter organize her stuff. That girl I tell you can make me walk on the wall on some days. And today is one such day !! But I don’t have the time to go into all the details right now.

Anyway it’s almost 6 in the evening now and our friends are supposed to be here by 8. I know it’s still 2 hours away but trust me the work that I have planned for myself for these couple of hours need me to work at lightening speed.

But thankfully the house is all clean, the flowers look pretty, the candles make the house smell good and of course the wines sit ready with all the crystal ware. Thinking of the night ahead makes me smile. We only need to put the kids to sleep by 10. It’s only after they are comfy and snuggled up in bed, our fun begins. Yes I know I’am a mommy but sometimes I too need some adult time without any kids in the vicinity. Are you calling me evil 😀 ?? Thankfully most of the mom/dads think like me in our friends circle.

Few hours back, I was scheduling a post for tomorrow and was so relieved after doing it. But some happinesses are short-lived. Just when I breathed a sigh of relief did I notice that Day 16 is still missing in action. So frantically, I start typing away utter nonsense. That’s called Blogathon Calling !!

So without wasting much time, let me sign off and prep the fish for the fish fry, fold the laundry that has been screaming for attention since morning and put the chicken biryani in the oven.

Leaving you with a pic of tonight’s dinner’s star attraction 🙂 . Oh you don’t need to tell me, I know I’am very modest. Bye Bye guys !! Enjoy your weekend !!

2015/01/img_1657.png Mmmm Yummy !!


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