Day -19 I Lust After… (a stolen tag)

It’s one of those days when there is too much of activities going around me. Right now I’am trying to make Daughter do some maths while my phone keeps beeping of messages from some of my whatsapp groups. And for all of you who wanted to know whether the hubby took the day off or not, he has taken the second half off 🙂 much to my surprise. So after he is done, we plan to go out.

So basically the mind is really not cooperating and anyway I’am just clinging to the Blogathon for dear life. One little distraction and I’ll slip off the bandwagon. So I thought I’ll take up the ‘I lust after’ tag from the wonderful Smitha. Thanks Smitha for saving my day.

Good food is something I always crave. But with the season my cravings change too. While on a hot summer day, I might crave for milk shakes and chocolate gelato after a light meal, it’s the winter that the cravings go really out of control. During this time with back to back holidays and super markets displaying their sweet treats, it’s so easy to indulge yourself. But of course there are some cravings that are eternal, no matter what season it is I crave or lust for them. So today I thought I would list some of my all time favorites :

1) Thai food – Mmmmm !! The thought of good spicy thai food makes my soul warm and the tummy rumble and of course the salivary glands start doing overtime. I love the sight, smell and taste of Thai food. I love their soups with the strong aroma of lemongrass. Give me cheap roadside thai or the ones in the exotic restaurants with big $$ on the menu card. I love them all !!

2) Pasta – Even though I know it’s not good for me but what can I say, I cannot survive without my fill of carb. I love most forms of pasta with the exception of too much red sauce. Cold pasta salad, creamy Alfredo sauce, just plain tossed with olive oil and garlic or mild marinara sauce. I love them all.

3) Chilli Chicken and Gravy noodles – Good old desi style chilli chicken with noodles. I love it. This is something that I can’t find anywhere in the US. Have tried in most desi hubs but all have disappointed me more than the other. Nothing can beat the Calcutta restaurants. Talking about it makes me want some.

4) Bakery items – This is a place that lands me into a lot of trouble. The freshly baked smell can make me hungry right after any meal. With the typical and regular favorites, a lot of time I end up buying stuff which do not taste as good but smell and look heavenly. So I can safely say I lust after bakery in general and especially if I’am left to my own devices 🙂 .

These are some of my all time ‘lusts’ !! The lusts that can control me no matter what time of the day or what kind of day. These are some lusts that once satisfied I’am good for a few days. But if not, then I’am a woman on mission 😉 .


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