Day 20 – Bag Tales !!

I’am right now at my Daughter’s gymnastic class where I have decided to use my time sensibly. Trust me this one hour can be pretty painful if I don’t bring a book or don’t have my friend to talk to. Of course watching Daughter is fun but it can get boring if that’s the only activity I have at hand. So generally nowadays I keep my book handy especially now that I’am trying to get back to my reading habit. And going back to old habits are never tough. But sadly, I reorganized my big bag and most of you would know the consequences of that ๐Ÿ™‚ . Yes a few things go missing for the first couple of days. And today I find the book missing much to my dismay.

Talking about my handbag/purse, the husband thinks the apt name for my handbag is ‘jhola’. He thinks my very dear Coach Handbag must be cursing me because of the contents that it needs to carry. From hairbrush to hand cream to sanitizer to sanitary napkins to raisins to hand wipes … It pretty much has it all. These items of course other than the must haves like the house/car keys, the wallet (that’s another story for another post), a notebook, millions of pens (most of which don’t work), receipts which can go back to a different era, and trust me other things that I don’t even know exist in my purse.

Of course I clean my purse every now and then especially in the event of changing purse. Nowadays to make my life simpler I have multiple ziplock bags to keep them. It should have made my life easier but no the dumpster effect seemed to be working better for me.

Anyway the point is my purse/jhola is subjected to a lot of mockery along with its owner. But trust me when in times of need or if an emergency calls, my bag is the first place when Daughter or the hubby digs in.

One time we were at a bank doing some paperwork. We had asked them about everything we needed and were prepared for the meeting. But right at the last moment, we were told we needed passport sized photographs. So where do you think the husband wanted to look first?? No prize for guessing but my jhola !! And of course we found it, not just one or two but twelve photos for each of us. But still the man mocks my purse !! Some lessons the men never learn …

Of course these days taking cue from the daddy the Daughter has also started to mock who else but the mommy. But in times of need, who gets out the Chapstick ?? Who hands out the granola bar ?? Who had the notebook handy to take an autograph from an author we met by chance ?? The mommy of course !! So now days there is a change in tone as far as she is concerned. She now knows the importance of having a jhola.

So while driving her to the gym class today, I see her fidgeting with my purse which was lying beside her. I look at her from my rear view mirror and ask her if she wants something. She looks at me with a serious face :
Mommy can you stop using this bag ??
I thought she didn’t like it since it had lost it’s shape due to my overstuffing habit. But still I asked: Why sweetie ??
I want you to keep it for me Mommy… I know you can put so much in it… It almost has everything if you are ever stranded !!

I look at her with pride. She sure has my genes !!


7 thoughts on “Day 20 – Bag Tales !!

  1. Love it:) Passport size photos too! Wow.
    In my case, my purse is huge and always seems full but never do I even have a pen or whatever the husband asks for. Ditto for toys for Bandar. Just more disorganized than you can ever imagine

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