Day 22 – From a distance ….

Do you like looking at faraway lights and imagining stories ?? On a road trip, do you like to watch little houses after darkness falls and imagine who lives there and what kind of lives they lead. I do !! I love to look at houses after the sun has set, the soft warm glow of the lamps that come from inside. It somehow makes me think of happy thoughts.

To me each house has a story, a story scripted by me. Of course the romantic in me gives them all a happy story. This habit of mine had started in my childhood years. Whenever we would make an overnight train journey, I would wait for darkness. While no one really understood my fascination for staring out at dark, long stretches of road, I enjoyed those hours of staring in oblivion and the mind doing it’s magic.

I still remember some of the sights; a mother plaiting her little girl’s hair would make me think of a conversation they might be having. Then there would be endless huts right next to the railway tracks. It was so close, there were times I could see the women cutting vegetables or cooking. These were places without electricity and they would be going about their lives in the light of a kerosene lamp. The soft glow of the lamp somehow made those huts look so pretty. I often felt they associated a train with a time. For my childish mind, their lives seemed pretty adventurous.

Then there would be dimly lit faraway houses. Depending upon the time I would imagine what the occupants of the house were doing. If it was late in the evening, I would think of a typical day where the kid is wrapping up her homework, the mom would be trying to get the dinner ready and the dad after a tiring day at work would be sitting with a newspaper in front of a tv smoking cigarettes.

That was then. But the story has really not changed much for me. My mind still has a vivid imagination and still likes to weave a story whenever opportunity arrives. But sometimes the innocence and romanticism seems to delude me and in its place comes the cynicism. Like the other day, when I saw an old couple sitting in their front porch on a swing. It was obvious they were lost in each other. They looked so much in love. Looking at them, I smiled !! Just then an evil voice said from the back of my mind, maybe they are newly married after going through 100s of ’till death do us apart’.


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