Day 24 – A Narrow Escape

We were in a bad car accident few hours back !! Things could have been really bad but luckily none of us are hurt…..I’am shaken…. While the hubby and Daughter sleep I’am still trembling…..once again I saw the unpredictable nature of life…. How in a fleeting second everything changes… We really had a very narrow escape…. I just want to thank god today for watching out for us and keeping us safe.

It’s 2:15 a.m. and I’am waiting for daylight… Daylight sometimes takes away the fear…. My trembling is getting uncontrollable and each time I close my eyes, the scene keeps replaying in my head…… Even though I don’t want to but I can’t help and think what could have happened….

I know I’am blabbering but I thought writing it out might make me feel better.


13 thoughts on “Day 24 – A Narrow Escape

      1. So sad to hear that. But it does get better in a day or two. Maybe some meditation or relaxing music at night. I had nightmares for weeks after my one bad accident , in which again no one was hurt but could have been.

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