Day 26 – Muddled Thoughts #2

It’s been a long cold snowy day at our end. The day once again started with a call from the school announcing a 2 hour delay. I was actually hoping for a snow day considering the amount of snow accumulation we got last night. But sadly no such luck !!

During lunch the hubby and I took the car to a collision center and got our estimates for the repair. Thank goodness it’s drivable. I tell you at times like this we are so grateful for small mercies. But the drive to the shop itself was once again giving me chills. Even though the main roads were clear and salted the back roads were left unattended and the drive was pretty treacherous.

I took complete rest after lunch as sleep has been evading me the past couple of nights. I had a bad headache and was almost feeling dizzy. So the hubby thought I should just lay back and relax for the day. We ordered some good Chinese food a little earlier as all the neighborhood restaurants are going to close up early in preparation of the snow storm that’s heading our way. That only means more snow to shovel from our driveway !!

In other news, yesterday was Saraswati Puja and like always we did a little puja at home. Daughter loves this puja since we generally keep all her books, pencil box and notebooks in the prayer room. And that means no extra homework from mommy 🙂 . I have asked her a dozen times to get the books out but if left on her, I think the books will stay there till next year. But who am I kidding I was just like her during my school/college days.

Anyway that’s about all that’s going on in our small world right now. And I want to thank each one of you who took time to comment and mail me after hearing about our accident. It really means a lot. You guys are what that makes the blogging journey so beautiful. Thanks for hearing me.


2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Muddled Thoughts #2

    1. Iam sorry if I’m scaring you guys with my one bad experience… You know ours is a very hilly terrain so snow makes driving very difficult….. And sometimes they dont clear up the inside rosds as good especially if its an ongoing snow thing… But snow can also make everything look exceptionally pretty…

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