Day 27 – The Big Surprise !!!

This post was an incomplete draft since last July when we went to Toronto. When do you think these incomplete drafts get the complete status and thus see the light of day 🙂 . Yep it’s during the Blogathon when the mind is tired of churning senseless thoughts into a somewhat sensible post. Atleast that’s what I hope it is 🙂 . So without much adieu let me take you to July 2014.
Last weekend was the big Toronto surprise which we were planning since February. We were supposed to leave on Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening. We didn’t tell Daughter that we would be meeting some of our very close relatives whom she absolutely loves. They were at Toronto with their family for a business meet and thus we thought we could take advantage of it as Toronto is just a 5 hour drive. We had planned on this surprise for quite some time. And luckily none of us had spilled the beans on her. It was a difficult task as all the extended family not only knew about it but were pretty excited about this ‘surprise’.

To give you an insight to the family members I was meeting, let’s say that they are the reason I sleep peacefully knowing that if my mom needs anything they are there for her. Being an only child and living in a different country oceans apart is not very easy,especially after the loss of one parent. They have been there for me through thick and thin. These are the people that make me believe in the unity of family. To write about them in one paragraph is doing not only injustice to them but to the great bond that we share. And what makes me real happy is that both the hubby and Daughter love them very much and have a strong bond with them. So I knew that Daughter would be real happy to see them.

Anyway as I said our plan was to start early Saturday morning, so we had plans to go to bed a little early on Friday night. But whoever said life goes according to plans especially with kids involved 🙂 ?? We put Daughter to bed around 8:30 and hoped we could hit the sack by 10. I had left the packing for the night knowing it would just be for an overnight trip. Just when we were done with packing and hoped to put our feet up, I heard Daughter in the monitor. I went to check on her and she complained of a ‘weird feeling’ in her throat. That was enough to ring warning bells in my mind. So we quickly took her to the bathroom and lo and behold, out came all the remnants of her dinner. After everything was taken care of she finally drifted off to sleep. We slept with a worried mind and our excitement was a little dampened.

The next morning was a rainy one. Daughter was up happy and cheerful . So our minds were put to ease once again as she seemed her usual chirpy self. We were able to stick to the plan and leave home by 9. The journey itself was uneventful. There was a constant pitter-patter rain throughout the route. Since this route is not a busy one, we were able to maintain a decent speed. Daughter like always loves taking advantage of these long road trips. She makes sure she gets a lot of screen time knowing she can get away with it. We generally don’t fuss during the long car drives as that way she is happy watching some Disney/Barbie movie and the hubby and I get some time to talk in peace. After all none of us want to deal with a grumpy child during a long road trip. But to be fair on her, she is generally a trooper and pretty much keeps herself busy with story books, activity books or something from her little travel backpack.

Like I said earlier the journey itself was uneventful but the border crossing proved to be a pain since the traffic on Peace Bridge was horrendous. We almost had to wait 1 hour to cross the border and that too after doing our research which said to use Peace Bridge as it’s the one with lesser traffic during peak weekend hours. What a disappointment that was !!!

We had told Daughter that we were going to meet a couple of our friends in a hotel. She started bombarding us with questions like whether they had kids her age and how long we planned to stay there and since when do we know them and are they visiting from India and such. Yes she can be pretty curious. We tried to hide our excitement and hoped to disappointed her by saying there would be only grown ups (which was the truth) and she would have to be patient and probably would have to read a book. Daughter being a very people friendly person (very unlike her parents) was excited to meet our ‘friends’ with or without kids 😀 .

Anyway soon we were at their hotel and parked our car. I was constantly texting them about when we would reach and meeting us at the lobby. So we walked in the hotel. There was a big conference going on ( which my uncles were a part of) that week so the hotel was completely packed with Indians. I was scanning the faces in the crowd for those familiar ones. Soon I saw two of my uncles come out of one of the elevators. Daughter had still not seen them. I took her hand and started to walk towards them, and that’s when she spotted them. All our planning and talking in hushed tones were worthwhile just for that expression. It was confusion, wonder, amazement, astonishment and happiness. In a fraction of a second I saw all those in her eyes. She was literally dumbstruck to say the least !! My little chatterbox could not speak for a good 2 minutes. And after that all she could say was, ‘ Did you guys plan this ?? This is the best surprise of my life !! It’s better than waking up on Christmas morning !!’

After that she was literally jumping with joy. We went up to their room where the remaining group was waiting for us her. There were soon rounds of hugs and kisses and getting almost a suitcase full of gifts. It was such a happy day. And honestly that day Daughter didn’t care for the gifts, she just wanted to be with them and be showered with love and attention which of course she got plenty of.

Like I have always said, I love giving people surprises. But this one beats all of my other efforts. I can never forget her look when she first spotted my uncle. Till date she tells me that it’s her best surprise. She often wishes to get more such surprises where she would meet the extended family. But if only it was that simple to get people from India to the US just so that we could surprise our Princess.


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