Day 28 – Just Another Day

It’s one of those days when the mind is too full, the body is just tired of doing endless household chores and to top it off I had to make a mid week trip to the mall. I have been yelling at the Daughter for no apparent reason and biting the husband’s head off at a slightest question.

Anyway to get out of this bad mood, I decided to cook. Even though I didn’t have the energy nor the motivation to do something elaborate, I decided to use the salmon that I had marinated for a midweek meal. So in almost half an hour I decided to whip up a quick meal. Salmon and vegetable stir fried rice.

Daughter is in bed now, and I quickly tiptoed up to her. She was already in snooze land and I pulled her covers and kissed her. She opened her eyes and mumbled ‘Love you mommy’. I wanted to kick myself for my behavior. The hubby told me it’s gonna be ok when he looked at me. Sometimes all we need is a reassurance to put an end to the endless worries. With my two loves happy, I feel better too. So right now all is well in our little world.

Leaving you guys with a pic of our quick fix dinner.



7 thoughts on “Day 28 – Just Another Day

  1. Some days are just lousy and I take it out on my loved ones too. In my case, my child is too small for actual shouting but I have shown irritability and harsh tones with her and felt guilty afterwards. They all look adorable close to bedtime and it adds to the guilt like you say. But we are human afterall!

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