Day 29 – Joys of being a picky-eater’s mom

I always crib that my Daughter doesn’t eat. And if you see her you will no doubt understand my worries. My friends who would claim their children don’t eat feel ashamed when they see her eat. Some have almost visibly been relieved that there are more picky and small eaters than their kids. Yes she not only is a picky eater but also is a child with little or no appetite. So now you can very well understand my premature greys.

But today’s post is not about that. So instead of fretting over the fact that she doesn’t eat and does not like food in general, I’ll try to point out some blessings that come along if you are a mom of a picky or small eater. Trust me these are the points which will help you keep the decibel level down and help you not turn the dinner table a living battlefield. So here is the list that I have come up with:

#1) The child does not eat !!! Yes with the misery, comes also the satisfaction that since she doesn’t eat the good things, she doesn’t eat the bad aka junk either. I’m exasperated when she claims she is full after 4 grapes but I feel pride when she declines the second cookie.
#2) This child of mine will not even take a sip from a juice box. While I know freshly squeezed homemade juices are the best but on those rare occasions if we are going out for the day when carrying a juice box is so much easier, she will plain and simple decline. While this habit of hers really makes me mad but when I see her sipping water at a party when all her friends have tall glasses full of pop loaded with sugar and caffeine, I heave a sigh of relief.
#3) Its because of her our eating out has seen a downward curve. Just because she hardly likes to eats out. Till a few years back, she would cry at the prospect of eating out.These days, she knows we need to eat everything and should not be turning our nose at food. So nowadays when we eat out, she gets by nibbling on something or the other. And I’am not complaining. And of course less eating out means our budget in under control 😀
#4) These kids generally (atleast from my little experience) grow up to be healthy eaters. Just like I said for Daughter eating is a chore she needs to do to keep us happy. So if you fill their brains with info on health and fitness, they most often make good choices because they are not a foodie anyway.
#5) Just because they eat little, even in case of junk their portions are under control. So you need not fret over over eating.
#6) Not eating too much of anything means not too much candy or any kind of sweet treats. And of course that means the dentist is happy.

It’s good I have come up with this list and now all I need to do is look at it and try to be thankful on those days when we are having a ‘bad eating day’. Or better still make a refrigerator copy of this. Ok off I go to print this 🙂 .


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