Day 30 – Man Proposes and God Disposes

So yesterday the hubby surprised me by taking today off. Yes right after work, he told me he has taken Friday off and after we drop Daughter to school we can have a day just to ourselves. I was ecstatic !! After all I have been complaining that he only has time for his Daughter and does not give me enough time.

So the plan was for a change we would drop her to school instead of putting her on the bus. Then we would go out for a coffee and later watch a movie followed by lunch. Again we would pick Daughter from school to surprise her. So both of us were pretty thrilled at the prospect of a ‘date’.

But it seems all hell broke loose at night at hubby’s office. So the poor guy had to end up working the whole night. Inspite of that he still has hopes on the ‘date’. But once again due to bad weather Daughter’s school had a 2 hour delay. So the plan of going to our favorite coffee shop went for a toss. And to make things worse with things going crazy and too many escalations it became apparent that taking a day off was not in the cards today.

He just decided to take a couple of hours break. We dropped Daughter to school as promised and from there went for an early lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was awesome. Even though it was nice that at least we were able to have the lunch date but it would have been great if the day went according to the original plan. But the silver lining is he has promised to take a day off and do the things like we planned as soon as he can 🙂 .

Can’t believe we are almost at the end of the Blogathon. Yay !! For all of us.


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