Day 31 – Good Job To All Of Us !!

Yay !!! Seriously 31 days over and I successfully completed my second Blogathon. Can you believe it I’am ending my Blogathon 2015 with my 100th post. Yes couple of days I realized this fact and was super excited. I wanted to share this fact with you guys but checked myself in time. Yes I wanted to end in style and of course the fodder always helps 🙂 .

I was very excited when Seema got in touch with me about doing the Blogathon. I was more than happy to hop in the bandwagon. After all last year I had a lot of fun and didn’t want to miss this one either. So thank you Seema !!!

This time I came across a lot of new blogs and enjoyed getting a daily dose of blog posts from my favorite bloggers. And also I got a lot of positive response in my posts. Who doesn’t like that, huh ?? I tried my best in commenting on the blog posts I read. There were times I felt overwhelmed because of house guests or plain and simple due to a crappy day. But I lived through all of it with a few scheduled post and a few picture post.

I would love to do another challenge this year and get into more blogging on a regular basis. If I can do straight 31 posts then at least I can aim for 10 posts a month. I will probably be off WordPress for a few days and then start boring you guys with stories of my little world.

So once again Yay for all of us. Keep writing guys !!


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