B’day Party, Report Card and More….

So any of you missing the excitement and madness that came along with the Blogathon ?? I checked my reader a couple of times yesterday but was disappointed 😦 by the lack of activity. It almost felt like a abandoned place.

It’s been a quiet and relaxing weekend at our end. The highlight being Daughter attended her first all girls bday party on Saturday at a salon called Glitter Girlz. I’am not very much into these kind of parties but this was one which I could not decline because it happens to be a very good friend of hers and they also live right across from us. So for once I let my no make up rule take a backseat. I let Daughter know in no uncertain terms that this is a very rare treat that she is getting and once the party is over, I don’t want her to think that there is any change in rules.

Even with all my inhibition and reserve against makeup, I must admit it was fun to watch the kids get all pampered and treated like real customers. I must say that the 3 girls did an amazing job with the kids. There was one girl who did their hair and nails. The other two were dressed as ….any guesses ?? Who else but Anna and Elsa !! These two were in charge of doing the kids’ make up which to my delight was a very light eye shadow and some lip gloss. The kids were allowed to choose the princess they wanted their make up done by. I was surprised a lot of them wanted Anna 🙂 . But of course Daughter wanted Elsa !!! After the make up, the kids did a fashion show followed by karaoke and dance party. Then it was the usual pizza, fruit punch and cake followed by gift opening. I must say to handle 15 kids and make them do everything that was planned in the 2 hours deserved a round of applause. It was a very well managed party. The kids had an amazing time and by the time I was done, my head was throbbing hearing ‘let it go’. Trust me I’am so done with that song. But that apart I had a good time talking and catching up with some of the moms who are mostly my neighbors.

In other news, Daughter came home with her report card on Friday. She has been consistently performing exceptionally well and got really good grades. The remarks from her teacher was also good. So that was a super proud and happy parent moment. Of course she was readily given a gift that she had been eyeing for quite sometime.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day for us. Apart from shoveling all the snow from the driveway there wasn’t anything much that the hubby and I did. That too, much of the shoveling was done by the hubby while I made Daughter practice her Minute Math. After lunch, the hubby and I took a power nap which lasted for more than an hour 🙂 . We woke up fresh to find Daughter reading a book and kidzbop radio turned on in the background. My jaw almost dropped at the sight. For a moment it was like having a teenager at home.

Rest of the evening was spent cooking and watching the Super Bowl. Daughter being the typical girlie girl watched it till the half time Katy Perry show 🙂 .

Hopefully all you guys had a relaxing weekend and are all recharged for the week ahead. For those of you here in the Northeast and Midwest, stay safe and warm !!!


4 thoughts on “B’day Party, Report Card and More….

  1. Interesting about the dress up party. Like you I don’t like make up on kids. Going to have to deal with it here too as Bandar is already asking for make up. Shoveling sounds hard ya… you needed the power nap!

  2. Okay. retyping all my comment, since I lost all of it. 🙂

    I am also noticing the no activity in reader. Missing all the action. 🙂 Looks like that was a relaxing weekend. I wonder what I will do when my daughter gets to that age. I am also anti-makeup etc. Society does have a big influence on kids, doesn’t it?

    My first time here. 🙂

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