Anyone Reading ??

So what have I been doing all this while, you must be wondering. No ?? This kind of answer is so not fair !!! Even though my own blog has been neglected, I haven’t been away from the blogosphere. Many a times I wanted to emerge from my hiatus but something or the other distracted me and I started getting comfortable with my silence (not a very bloggerly feeling). So today, just after settling Daughter with some homework I got onto typing this post.

Anyway, to get back to what I have been doing, let’s just say I have been very busy with house guests and extremely lazy on the not-so-busy-days. Yes !! I have been somewhat oscillating between lazy and busy. Of course the killer migraine which has been viciously attacking me every third day for more than a month has made my life miserable to say the least.
I can’t believe we are already inching towards the end of April. March somehow passed in a blink of an eye with our anniversary and hubby’s surprise bday party. It wasn’t really a ‘party’ but Daughter and I decorated the house and made some special food. But it was enough to make our man very happy. 
Our anniversary was also spent just like the way we like. We dropped Daughter to school and went for a drive. We chanced upon a lovely Italian pastry shop which has desserts that are sinfully delicious. I had a pineapple cream pastry while the hubby had a nut-horn and we packed a tiramisu for Daughter. After that we had a fiasco of sorts. We had planned on going to a home and garden show but upon reaching, we were told that since it was a weekday, they would start at 4 in the evening. Even though it was a little disappointing but we had pledged to have a good time, come what may. So after some aimless driving and then walking in the downtown for a quite a few hours, we happened to spot a thai restaurant. The food was simply to die for. We have been in search for a good thai restaurant for a long time and this one exceeded all our expectations. So it was a good day, both hubby and I felt recharged after pretty much doing nothing other than holding hands and roaming the streets like our old dating days and  gorging on sinfully delicious food. 
The rest of the month was also eventful with friends dropping in for most of the weekends and us taking a short trip to Indianapolis. The weather has also been cooperating other than the seasonal spring showers. 
Can’t believe just one more month of school is left and then I’ll be a proud mom of a 1st grader. Wasn’t it just yesterday, I was talking about Daughter starting school ?? Apparently not !!!
So these are some of the things that’s been happening in our little world. How have you guys been ??
P.S. : Please excuse this blabbering post but I had to write something to break this silence.

2 thoughts on “Anyone Reading ??

  1. Glad you had a lovely anniversary. And also glad you broke the blog silence and are back!! Impressed by the daughter enjoying tiramisu,she has refined tastes. My two year old even refused a cannoli with amaretto cream saying it tasted funny:)

    1. I’am so glad some of u are still reading 🙂 … Give Bandar a couple of years and she will develop a taste…. My daughter loves the mascarpone cream more than the actual tiramisu ….

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