When your child is sick….

You know your little one is sick when….

– The house is unusually quiet….
– There are no toys lying out of place…..
– No cheerful banter can be heard……
– No Kidz Bop playing non-stop on Pandora….
– Your offer to paint the new outdoor picnic table is declined with a sad smile…..
– No begging for ice cream on hearing the familiar ice cream truck music…..
Yes the Daughter has been down with a bad case of stomach flu since Friday night and that’s exactly how quiet the house has been. Today when I saw the neighborhood kids walking to the bus stop, how I wished Daughter was amongst them too skipping merrily to school after a regular relaxing weekend. No !! Not because having a sick child at home would interfere with my routine but merely because I’ve had enough of  watching an otherwise energetic child laying quietly in bed or sitting and reading a book. While I complain she talks nineteen to a dozen a minute, the quietness disturbs me like nothing else.

I hope my baby girl gets better and back to her normal chirpy self soon. It physically and emotionally drains every ounce of energy from me to see her suffer even with the slightest pain.  The joys and heartbreaks of parenthood is what I guess it is.


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