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Summer Vacation #1 – Making Memories

We are already into the 3rd week of summer break. And after the initial ‘I miss school’/’I’am bored’/’Staying home is not fun’, I think we have settled quite comfortably and dare I say we are enjoying waking up late, playing outside, having numerous play dates and pretty much all the things that mommy is allowing me to do. Yes once again I’am favoring the unstructured playtime with a little supervision from me and some of the neighborhood moms. So no all day camps for us. Except for our regular gymnastics class and swimming class, I have left her to her own device. We do our mandatory math and language art notebook for one hour. That’s all the time that I demand from her busy schedule.
This year, I’am giving a lot of effort in making memories. For me ‘summer vacation’ was synonymous with fun, cousins, get together at the grand parents, ripe succulent mangoes, nibbling on red juicy watermelon wedges and the like. I’am sure all of us who grew up in the 90’s can identify with me no matter which part of India you come from. And I’am sure our parents didn’t give much thought about making memories. But these days we or at least the husband and I need to consciously put in some thought to build some special memories. With all the geographical boundaries and everyone scattered around the globe, making memories with your closest of kin can cost you a lot 😀 . So we have started our own traditions with the Daughter. 
Like on the last day of school, they had early dismissal at 10:50. Hubby took the day off and we took her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. She was very happy and then from lunch we went to watch the movie Home. We really had a lovely time and have decided to definitely make this a tradition. It was a wonderful way to start the long summer break and welcome all the fun things that lay ahead of us.
While I know that Daughter’s life is very different from our lives back then, and I for one am not the person who advocates ‘those were the best days’ still don’t want her memories to be trapped only in Dora/Disney vacations/iPad and such. I want her to play outside and get her feet muddy. Have a tea party with friends where they are the princesses rather than attend a princess themed party. Laugh and dance in the rain. Be happy with life’s simple pleasures. 
With the weather being hot and sweaty the last couple of days, dancing in the rain has become a family favorite. Yes we have been getting soaking wet a lot of times, in the last week and trust me the rain melts away all your stresses and relaxes you like nothing else. Atleast  it works wonders for me 🙂 .
I hope these little things help me in making memories for my precious one and someday make her smile.

Fun With Family !!!

So my family was here and needless to say life was at its best 🙂 . By family I mean my mama(maternal uncle) and his family. It was so much fun. There was always someone to talk to or as in Daughter’s words ‘we are always chitter-chattering’ 🙂 . Everyday felt like a celebration. The tea kettle seemed to be working over time. It was such a happy place. Late night card/board games, midnight snacks, endless conversations !! Oh what fun it was !!

There was always someone to hear Daughter’s mindless banter. The house always smelled of goodies without me being behind the hot oven. There was a helping hand at every step of the way. There is a certain amount of magic in the air when you have close family visiting. Not only do I get pleasure in being pampered but the greatest satisfaction comes in pampering them. Taking them to your favorite hangouts and other places where you know they will enjoy.
The best part was Daughter’s excitement. She loved showing them around the place, she calls home. Her eyes gleamed with excitement when she spotted something a building or the park or her pool (as she refers YMCA) or her school. As she had a special story for each one that she wanted to share. She loved introducing them to each of her friends. She insisted that the three of them be at her bus stop both for drop off and pick up. Boy oh boy !! She was pampered to the core. And what more we enjoyed our precious little girl be loved. It was a real joy to see her bond with people who are so close to my heart.
Of course we felt deserted once everyone left. The guest bedroom looked abandoned. Each time I came from somewhere I missed seeing their happy faces welcoming us. But I got used to it again albeit after  I shed a few tears. But life goes on and as some often remind me, this is our chosen life. If only it was just a matter of a simple choice. But that’s a story for another day.
In other news Daughter graduated from kindergarten and now I’am a proud mommy of a first grader. Her report card amazed the hubby and me. Even though we don’t make a big deal of report cards but this time I couldn’t contain my excitement and her wise reply was ‘mommy this isn’t a big deal, anyway I should be doing good’.
So this is what’s going on at my end. How are all of you doing. I have more stories to share about our life. Will be back with them very soon.