Fun With Family !!!

So my family was here and needless to say life was at its best 🙂 . By family I mean my mama(maternal uncle) and his family. It was so much fun. There was always someone to talk to or as in Daughter’s words ‘we are always chitter-chattering’ 🙂 . Everyday felt like a celebration. The tea kettle seemed to be working over time. It was such a happy place. Late night card/board games, midnight snacks, endless conversations !! Oh what fun it was !!

There was always someone to hear Daughter’s mindless banter. The house always smelled of goodies without me being behind the hot oven. There was a helping hand at every step of the way. There is a certain amount of magic in the air when you have close family visiting. Not only do I get pleasure in being pampered but the greatest satisfaction comes in pampering them. Taking them to your favorite hangouts and other places where you know they will enjoy.
The best part was Daughter’s excitement. She loved showing them around the place, she calls home. Her eyes gleamed with excitement when she spotted something a building or the park or her pool (as she refers YMCA) or her school. As she had a special story for each one that she wanted to share. She loved introducing them to each of her friends. She insisted that the three of them be at her bus stop both for drop off and pick up. Boy oh boy !! She was pampered to the core. And what more we enjoyed our precious little girl be loved. It was a real joy to see her bond with people who are so close to my heart.
Of course we felt deserted once everyone left. The guest bedroom looked abandoned. Each time I came from somewhere I missed seeing their happy faces welcoming us. But I got used to it again albeit after  I shed a few tears. But life goes on and as some often remind me, this is our chosen life. If only it was just a matter of a simple choice. But that’s a story for another day.
In other news Daughter graduated from kindergarten and now I’am a proud mommy of a first grader. Her report card amazed the hubby and me. Even though we don’t make a big deal of report cards but this time I couldn’t contain my excitement and her wise reply was ‘mommy this isn’t a big deal, anyway I should be doing good’.
So this is what’s going on at my end. How are all of you doing. I have more stories to share about our life. Will be back with them very soon.

4 thoughts on “Fun With Family !!!

  1. Wow that was some fun with the family 🙂 Having loved ones around is such a bliss. And I can totally understand the deserted feeling after they have left. Hugs.

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