Remember Me ??

Has it been so long !! But to me the months have gone by in a flash. Life has suddenly gained momentum and while I’m trying to get up to speed, I’m missing out penning little and big things in our daily life. It has been one of those years where everything seems to have whizzed by in a blink. Anyway, I’m still alive and all is well at my end !!
Let me make some bullet points to give you an idea of what all is going on in my life. Last I had written was during Daughter’s summer break, so I’ll start from there and speed you guys up with all that’s been going on. I promise I’ll keep it short 🙂 .

This year summer break was fun and full of activities for us. It started with a week long vacation at the beach. We were accompanied by two of our very good friends and their respective families. It was a good trip to say the least. Hubby and one of his friend did parasailing but the rest of us adults were the scaredy cats. But after seeing them I wanted to do it so bad except there weren’t any reservation slots left and I was super disappointed. That has been added to my bucket list 🙂 . Daughter also had her first sleepover party during summer and that was a big event of her life. She had an awesome time and as for us let’s say it wasn’t one of our best nights. We also visited some family in the Midwest. So all in all it was a pretty good vacation without too many dull moments.

In other news, Daughter loves being a 1st grader. She has a super amazing teacher and I’m so thankful for that. She loves going to school and comes back full of stories. It’s so nice once they start growing up and this child really does crack me up. We also celebrated her 7th birthday last month. But more on that in a separate post.

Diwali and Dussehra was a low key affair except for a couple of potlucks and lighting up a few diyas. We bought our second car on the day before Diwali. It was becoming increasingly difficult with one and so we decided to take the plunge. With me doing volunteer duty at Daughter’s school every other day, either the hubby had to work from home on those days or I had to check his schedule before signing up the duty sheet.

Daughter is super happy with me being in school. I love helping the kids in classroom. It’s a joy to watch them interact. But that also takes a lot of my day and which often leads me wanting some volunteers at home for finishing the regular household chores 😀 . My respect for all the working moms have increased by leaps and bounds.

Anyway these have been some of the highlights of the months gone by. While most of it has been good, there have also been trying times and uncertain times. Times where personal problems at India were chewing me up and I was sinking at an all time low. Times of helplessness where a loved one is sick back at home and I have been able to do nothing other than checking on them. But I guess that’s life with twists and turns at every corner.

That’s all from my end. I’m not even sure if I have any readers left. But for those who are still hanging in here with me, a very big thanks !! See you guys around !!


4 thoughts on “Remember Me ??

  1. Wow..volunteer work at your daughter’s school sounds great. Do you get to volunteer in her class only or others too? You will strike a balance with the house chores and figure it out..everyone does eventually ..late nights and early morn work well.make sure you get rest too

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