Fun, Feast & Friends !!!

What a busy week it was !!! So this year we had thanksgiving at our house. And to say the days leading up to it were crazy busy, would really be an understatement. The hubby has his 4 very close friends living in the neighboring states and we have been trying to make thanksgiving a tradition of sorts !! Each year, someone is hosting the feast. And this year it was our turn.If any of you have hosted a thanksgiving feast, you know how daunting it can be. But if you need to host the feast for some 18 people and have house guests in the days leading up to as well as after, trust me you will be cooking not only in your waking hours but also in your sleep.
But having said that, I can’t deny what fun it was either. Sure we were sleep deprived and stressed to the brim but the laughter and chatter made up for it. The kids had an amazing time. I must say they all behaved very well. Didn’t fight too much. These really are a bunch of good kids !! And they also put up a show for the adults after the thanksgiving feast. It was wonderful to watch them first do a talent show and later it was followed by a play. The script of the play was written by them too. In the end, it was an awesome performance. Kudos to them for their cumulative effort !! I think it was a proud moment for all the parents. These are kids whom we have seen and held since they were little babies, and now they are all so grown up.

Of course a thanksgiving post cannot be complete without noting down things that I’m truly thankful for. And as always my list tops with the three people, I’m blessed to have in my life. My mum, my Daughter and my rock, my anchor, my love, my support system- my hubby. I also feel blessed to have these awesome group of friends. 

   The spread !!

 Turkey Time !!

Anyway all good things come to an end. And this was no different. Saturday after having an elaborate lunch, we waved our goodbyes to everyone. By then I had a pounding headache, but the house was in a total mess. The hubby and I being the kind of people we are, we knew there was no was we could sleep unless the house was back in order. So we worked in unison till all the sheets and towels changed and put in the washer, the bathrooms cleaned and the whole house vacuumed. Daughter helped us too by putting all the toys and books away. It was almost 6 when all of us took a shower and put our feet up.
Since then, I have been down with a severe upper bronchial infection. But I thank God that this happened after everything happened smoothly. At least now I have the luxury to lay in bed and type away sipping ginger tea and having a box of Kleenex by my side. I just hope this bug leaves the house without getting close to the hubby or the Daughter !!


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