My kind of weekend

The last weekend was one just the way I like. It had a dinner party, loads of family time, and some hubby-and-me-time. It was one where a lot of work was done but there was also lots of time to sit by the fire and sip some wine. This year weather has been pretty mild especially for this time of the year for those of us in the northeast.
The weekend started with us going for a dinner at a friend’s place. The unsocial person that I am, complained and cribbed for a while because after back to back gatherings I was in no mood to socialize. But as always the little butterfly of our life a.k.a Daughter was all enthusiastic and full of energy knowing we have an invite. This 7 year old’s energy can be infectious and more often than not is enough for us to join in the mood. Right after coming from school, clothes were laid out on bed, shower was done without a fuss and basically she was dressed by 5 while I was still struggling on what to wear. Anyway, I was dressed in no time once I made up my mind on the clothes. Because all I do is wear some light foundation followed by eyeliner and lipstick. The foundation is my new addition, so that takes me a bit to even out the skin tone. And once that’s done, all it takes is five minutes for the rest. It was a dinner invitation but I had decided on making a Bengali dessert called ‘mishti doi’ or sweetened yogurt. So by 6, off we packed our selves in the car. It was a nice evening and all of us had a pretty good time with delicious South Indian food. It was yummy and we ate like there was no tomorrow. 
Saturday, hubby worked in the morning and I was up by 6:30 and that to me is pretty-darn early for a weekend morning. So I decided to treat my loves with their favorite breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Needless to say the gesture was very much appreciated. Then hubby and Daughter went out for a couple of hours for a daddy-daughter date. I talked to my mum for sometime and then did some housework and some cooking. Soon the duo called me and said that they were coming home to pick me up for lunch since both were missing me. Of course it was an aawww moment and I was pretty much reduced to a lump of mush. After lunch, we went out for the Peanuts movie. We got back home late evening and the rest was dinner, bath time and bedtime for Daughter. It was after she went to bed that hubby and I got some quality us-time 🙂 . 
Sunday dawned bright and sunny. We decorated our front porch with Christmas lights. Lazed out in the sun for sometime each doing our own little thing. Daughter read sitting at her favorite spot. I did some weeding and hubby cleaned the garage. You might call me nuts but I love these sort of companionable silence where each is working on her own yet there is harmony somewhere. It was definitely a touchwood moment for me since a lot of our friends are going through marital problems and I seem so content with my life with just the three of us in it. I don’t know if I make sense or not. Soon it was Daughter’s best friend’s birthday party and I had been hearing about it since a month. After dropping her at her friend’s house for the party, hubby and I completed our weekly grocery. And after getting back home, it was bedtime routine for Daughter once again. Hubby took care of that while I made some scrumptious crab curry for our dinner.
It was a very relaxing weekend for us. I think all of us are recharged and fresh to deal with the weak ahead. Now it’s the end of Monday and my mental countdown for another expected laid back weekend has started. Is it me or are there others too who are ready for the weekend just after Monday ???!!!!


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