And it’s almost Christmas!!

Does it feel like December in your neck of the woods ?? Well, it certainly doesn’t feel here. We’ve hardly had any snow this season and while there is a chill in the air it’s nowhere as frigid as this time of the year usually is. But hey I’m not complaining!! If it wasn’t for the Christmas lights dotting the neighborhood and holiday music constantly on the radio, it would not seem like Christmas time at all.There is so much of excitement and craziness during around this time. But luckily we are done with all the shopping and most of the gifts are under the tree. All waiting for Christmas morning when impatient hands will tear away the wrappers. If Daughter has her way, we would have already opened up all the gifts.    Our tree !!

 The presents !!

 Our house in Christmas spirit!!

I think this is the first year, where we are really trying her patience by putting the gifts under the tree days in advance and she doesn’t have a clue what we’ve got for her :-). It’s also important to note that Daughter’s school has holiday shopping at school where the kids can do their own little shopping. And needless to say that this little missy made her own budget and did a little Christmas shopping for mommy and daddy 🙂 .

Yesterday there was a winter party at Daughter’s class in which I volunteered. I was supposed to do one craft with the kids and accordingly get all the supplies for the kids. To say I’m challenged in terms of crafts and creativity will be an understatement !! When I was given the responsibility of the craft workshop, I thought it’s the biggest joke. Daughter almost convinced me to exchange my duty, such is her confidence where me and crafts are concerned 😦 . But I looked up on the internet and found one which I thought I could manage with a bunch of 7 year olds. So my project was to decorate a bag of reindeer food (oats). I basically made little baggies of oats. The kids decorated them with eyes, red nose and antlers. I also found a neat poem to go along with the bags. I know there are some super creative artsy-crafty moms out there but trust me that’s the best I could do. So don’t laugh at me !! But the kids were super excited and loved that they could take the reindeer food home so that they could sprinkle it for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. By the end of the activity my Daughter had a proud look on her face since her friends said they had loads of fun at my workshop. So I was a happy mom 🙂 .

  The project!!

Today is the first day of winter break for Daughter and the hubby has his last working day tomorrow. Both of them are off till the 4th !! So yippee !! I was so looking forward to this long break when both my love bugs will be home. We don’t have any specific plans for the holidays. Will just take each day at a time. Few days back, I asked Daughter if there was anything particularly that she would like to do during her break and to that her answer was she wants to have a board game night and a movie night with popcorn by the fireplace. Well those are exactly the kind of nights that I’m hoping for. Loads of quality family time. 
So what plans do all of you have this holiday season ?? Before I sign off want to wish each of of you a blessed and happy holidays !!


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