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Day 31 – We did it again….

Wow !! I didn’t think I could pull this one through. But what a relief I feel now. I know I did a lot of cheat posts and crappy posts but together with them all I was able to survive it 🙂 . This year Blogathon was a little too difficult , with nothing much going on in life right now. But yet I managed somehow. Every year I promise myself that I will keep writing few lines at least a few times a week. But like you all know I fail miserably. Hoping this year it will be different.

Thank you all for reading me and taking time to comment on my posts crappy or not !! It was once again wonderful to read all you guys and get a sneak peek to your minds on a regular basis. It does make it feel a tad bit better when a lot of us are having a crappy week or we are all counting down for the weekend. So guys keep writing !!

And to all those who completed this 2016 Blogathon, Yayyyyy to all of us !! Great job guys !! Hopefully we’ll continue the tradition next year too.


Day 30 – The Girl And The Restaurant 

We go to this Thai restaurant pretty often. They have some of the best Thai food we’ve tasted. We especially me love Asian cuisine particularly Thai because of its spicy nature. When we moved to to Pittsburgh area around 7 years back, we searched for a decent Thai place to eat with no luck. It was only early last year, we found this restaurant and it’s was definitely a keeper.

The best part of this restaurant is the wonderful owner. This place is run by a Thai lady. She has a niece who lives with her, helps her run the place. And this young girl has the biggest smiles. They are very friendly and very personable. Mind you, this restaurant sits in the busy Pittsburgh downtown and in-spite of them being busy all the time, they still take time to talk to their customers. Both the lady and her niece are extremely friendly.

What really intrigues us most is how this niece remembers everything. So we’ve discovered the restaurant about a year ago and we’ve eaten there around 6-7 times. They don’t have any waiters, it’s generally the owner and the niece who take everyone’s orders. But the second time we went there the young girl remembered that we choose 9 as our spice level. I was impressed but didn’t think too much of it since not too many people order that spicy. So I told myself that’s probably the reason why she remembers it. 

Next time I was really surprised when she asked my Daughter before we were leaving that whether she still likes to use her strawberry lip gloss. Looking at our surprised expression she smiled and said she had seen her use it once before. She would often tell her stuff like, ‘wow are these your new boots ?? I loved your brown ones’. We would always say that she has amazing memory because of the little things she would notice and talk about it later.

Today we went there for lunch and as usual she talked about something about which I had asked her during last summer. After that she had taken a break and on the last few occasions we went there she wasn’t working. When she started talking about it today, it took me a minute to realize she was referring to a conversation I had with her almost eight months ago.

I couldn’t help but commend her on her awesome memory. She very shyly said she remembers things in details. Then told me with a very forlorn look that she always made great grades with very little effort. She loved to study but didn’t get a chance to pursue in her academic career after graduation. 

I walked out of the restaurant feeling a little sad. As we got in the car, I told the hubby what a waste of her amazing memory. She could have been doing something so much better had her situation been different. Hubby thinks she will do well in life because she has a positive attitude and uses her capability in the little ways she can. I honestly wish her loads of luck and hope she gets a chance to live her dream someday. 

Like I said Thai food being one of our favorites, we’ve tried it in lots of different places but this small restaurant with a girl with a million dollar smile has left its mark on us that’s gonna last forever. 

Day 29 – Friendly Gossip Or Not

Today morning I got a message from a friend that she wanted to talk to me if I was free. So I called her thinking she wanted to talk about something important but I couldn’t be more wrong !! She wanted to discuss how one of our common friend’s husband has recently been laid off. I knew this for quite some time and was quite upset about it. I politely told her I was aware but didn’t want to talk about it. She ignored the second part of the sentence and was pretty upset why I didn’t tell her. Once again I told her it wasn’t a happy news that I would want to share with everyone. And most importantly there is nothing to talk about it. She pretended that she didn’t hear it and started to give me some juicy rubbish about the whole situation. I was honestly not interested and I’m generally very uncomfortable with such gossips, but all my protests fell on deaf ears. I cut the conversation short on the pretext of being busy.

Half an hour later, I find my Watsapp flooded with messages. I open to see and I’m extremely horrified to find one of these ladies have created a separate group since the first group has the friend whose husband has lost his job. So they are spreading the word fast. 

While I’m not close to these ladies, we have occasional potlucks and dinners. I’m in a very uncomfortable zone. I find what interests most of these ladies is of absolute no or little pleasure to me. But just for formality I become a passive listener. I hate myself for doing it.

This whole situation has left such a bad taste in my mouth because this is lowering the standard of gossip a little too low. 

Day 28 – Happiness And Fitness 

Happiness is eating healthy…. It’s being able to whip up a home cooked healthy meal from scratch… It’s knowing all the ingredients that are in the dish….

Happiness is being able to resist the temptation of eating out….

Happiness is getting new yummy salad recipes….

Happiness is going without any form of sugar for two weeks…

Happiness is realizing you’ve stopped craving for rice every night….

Happiness is working out….. It’s having a sweat dripping sore body….

Happiness is counting calories and knowing you ate less than your target …

Happiness is happily making healthy choices….

Day 27 – A Midweek Break :)

Isn’t it fun, when you get an unexpected break in the middle of a regular week !! So today was one such day for us. I had my volunteer work at Daughter’s school today. So after taking care of my work at home, I left for school. Hubby was working from home. It was a regular day at school, I was asked to do what I generally do with the class. So there was no surprises there and things worked really good. 

One of the things that I do is correct their paper work – check spellings, punctuation and that kind of stuff. With 1st grade half way done, it’s amazing how good the kids are doing. I’ve been checking their paperwork since the beginning of the year and it’s wonderful to see the improvement in most of the kids. There were some days when after reading their writings I would literally have to look up words just to be sure of the spellings. And one particular boy who really had trouble in reading and spellings had no mistake in his work today. I felt so proud of him.

Anyway I came back around lunch time, to find hubby all ready to take me out for lunch. This guy had been working really hard the last few days, so he was asked to take the afternoon off. We went to this nearby hibachi place. The food was awesome and so was the ambience. We had actually reached the restaurant a little after the rush lunch hour. So we kind of had the place to ourselves and were able to have a good conversation about old times. 

After that we did some shopping and soon it was time to pick up Daughter from school. She was super happy we went to pick her up and even more so when she saw we had bought some gifts. After coming home, she quickly finished her homework while having her snacks. 

Now it’s time for us to head out for swimming. After that we will pick up pizza for dinner. Bliss !! I wish all Wednesdays were this perfect !!

Day 26 – A Difficult Conversation 

Last week hubby and I were in a fight. Nothing major but we were arguing for some time about some mundane stuff. Even though I call it mundane now but apparently that day it was important to me. Daughter as most kids, gets really upset if we are in a fight. It’s not very often that we fight and somehow the whole scenario makes her very uneasy. Here I must also mention that even though I’m using the term ‘fight’ but there is generally no yelling or shouting involved. But kids as intelligent as they are pick up on the vibes and bits of conversations.

So as Daughter’s bedtime rolled in, the hubby and I went up to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight. By this time we had resolved our differences and were friends again. Seeing us her first question was whether we were getting a divorce or not. We quickly told her that no such thing was happening and we had already resolved the issue that was bothering us. We sat and talked for a while to put her little mind at ease. Now the question that was bothering me was where did she learn about divorce and how much exactly does she know it. But I chose to ignore those questions as it was bedtime.

After coming down and further discussing with the hubby, we identified her source of the new-found-knowledge. She has a friend whose parents got divorced when she was around 3 and they are now both married to different people. Her friend K lives with her mom and step dad, while she spends one weekend in a month with her dad and his family. Now this friend K also lives in our neighborhood. Her mom and I are also friends. So even though I know Daughter knows about the ‘step’ thing but I wasn’t aware that she knew the how’s and whys of divorce.

But honestly what disturbed me was why she thought divorce was a bad thing. I knew I had to talk to her. I honestly don’t want her to grow up thinking life is one big fairytale. So explaining divorce is not bad and it sometimes works for the best was my priority. 

The next day, while we were talking I once again emphasized that we are not getting a divorce and having arguments in the family is quite normal. She listened and nodded. After once again putting her mind at ease, I slowly moved on the subject that was in my mind. I asked her why she thought divorce was bad. She was quiet for a while and ceasing the opportunity I explained that sometimes it works for the best. Taking example of friends often helps, so I gave her the example of K’s family and how they were happy even though they didn’t live in the same house. To this she told me, ‘of course it’s better for the parents since they don’t have to fight anymore and are free to live(marry) with people who they are friends with. But it’s not fair on K. She hardly gets to see her dad and she often tell me she misses seeing her dad everyday. She doesn’t like her dad’s family. Her step-siblings are sometimes mean to her when she visits. So how is it better for K ??’

I had a million answers that I could have given her but words failed me. Even though I know K’s mom’s situation but how can I tell a little 7 year old it’s fine to live without a father. Most importantly my heart went out to little K. I know she is a good kid but I didn’t know the pain that she hides in that little heart and in her beautiful smile. I left the discussion there and hope to get to the more important parts some other time. For now I will let her live in happily-ever-afters.

Day 25 – This Guy….

This guy that I married is and has always been most importantly my best friend. 

He is always my go to person. Doesn’t matter if I’m having issues with my family or his. He makes sure I find a solution to no matter what.

He is that person who puts up with all my tantrums, my mood swings and the 100+ shades of grey days that I have in between.

He is that guy who happily diets with me and looks up for healthy everyday recipes, coz he knows together we work great.

He is the guy who pushes me out from my comfort zone yet silently stays near just in case I need him.

He is the guy who indulges me like a child yet trusts my judgment more than his own.

He is the guy who makes me love myself.

He is the guy whose faith in me strengthens my belief in myself.

He is the guy who has seen me at my best and worst but still chooses to love me, no matter what !!

He is the guy I fall a little more in love each and every day even after being married to him for almost 15 years.

Day 24 – Rambles 

After all that snow cleaning and hard work yesterday, our morning started on a bright and sunny note today. Hubby made his usual protein packed breakfast of scrambled eggs with tons of veggies. Daughter had her regular cereal. After sitting with Daughter for a serious home work session of multiplication and some writing, I quickly finished some household chores. It was followed by a quick salad lunch for us and a sandwich for the little one. We then went to watch a play. It was a beautiful rendition of Aladdin. The music, costumes and the performance were really awesome. A perfect afternoon. 

From then on it was regular grocery shopping. Now I just want to get over with this have-to-do-post. Seriously some days are so difficult. Especially when the mind is running at different directions, with some clothes that need to be ironed and dinner that needs to be cooked and the daughter who has to be in bed by 8:30. So the mind really can’t be blamed for not being able to churn a better post. But as they say Blogathon calls for daily posts but whoever said anything about great thoughts and good contents. What, no one said it ?? Ok fine, that’s the new rule 😀 !!

So off I go quickly to whip up something in the name of dinner. Talk to you again tomorrow !!

Day 23 – Winter Wonderland !!

What a day, it has been !! After the blizzard yesterday night, we got inches and inches and some more inches of snow today. The morning was spent in shoveling all the snow from the driveway. Hubby did most of it with me pitching in from time to time. While most of the neighbors were out clearing their driveway, the kids got together and had a great time playing in the snow. They had the roads to themselves as no one was venturing out in our hill. 
Now I have a bad back ache and a very sore arm with all that hard work. I leave you guys with pics of our winter wonderland. 

 Stillness before the storm !!

  Winter wonderland !!
  Making a snow angel !!

  Lending a helping hand !!

Day 22 – Little Mind Big Thoughts !!

This was during the time we lived in our old two bedroom apartment. We were just getting into the house hunting stage. I remember I had narrowed the area on the specific schools. It was one hot August afternoon and we were returning from somewhere and Daughter who was 4 then was peacefully napping in her car seat. Hubby and I decided to just drive around our chosen neighborhood just to get a feel of the place.

She was at an age where she hated being in the car strapped for too long especially if we were on our much loved aimless driving. So I double checked on her and saw she was fast asleep. So without wasting a moment we started going around. 

We were looking at houses and trying to guess the price. We were constantly saying which was the grandest home of the lot. And soon We realized that one of my chosen neighborhood was way beyond our budget. But nevertheless we explored the area and kept saying stuff like – ‘wow’, ‘ I wish we could buy something like this’, ‘love love love this one, I wish we were living in this home’, etc etc.

Suddenly we hear a little voice from behind saying, ‘ our house isn’t big but it’s very happy. I love our apartment.’ We had t realized when she had woken up. But I remember looking at hubby and saying to him, ‘I don’t know whether we do the whole parenting bit right or not but I’m sure we are doing certain things good’. We were amazed at her maturity and how well she had articulated her thoughts. 

Today when I saw this image on Facebook, I was once again reminded how my little girl had figured out something at a young age which as adults many of us struggle to understand even now.

  Image courtesy: Facebook