Blogathon 2016 Day 1 – Happy New Year !!

  Image courtesy: Google Images

And 2016 is here !! Happy New Year guys !! Hope we are all blessed with peace, love, luck and good health. Hope we are able to turn all our dreams into reality and our efforts into great achievements. I pray that we are able to take in our stride all that 2016 has to offer with strength, hope and dignity. That’s my prayer for my family and yours !!
2015 was a quiet year for us for which I’m so thankful. It didn’t have too many great highs but it didn’t throw us lows either. While there were things that didn’t materialize and didn’t quite go the way we expected there were little joys here and there to counter the setbacks or shall I say to distract us from focusing on the lows. So I really don’t have too many grouse about 2015. But I certainly hope 2016 brings some long awaited good news. Here’s to a better and brighter year !!

Today I sign off wishing all of us doing the January Blogathon good luck !!
See you guys here tomorrow !!


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