Day 2 – Resolutions !!

Like each year I try to focus on resolutions or ‘my promises’ as I like to call them on the second day of the year. To refresh my memory, I was going through the list here. And honestly my goals still remain the same. I was also trying to analyze how I did the past year and while on most I can say I did a decent job, I think I failed miserably on one. It’s none other than the putting myself out of the comfort zone part. I really didn’t push myself at all. And as most of us know, it’s very easy to fall into a complacent zone and push the difficult/not-so-pleasant stuff for tomorrow. And well my tomorrows have turned into months.
Better Mommy: But other than that I think, I did ok. I’m really trying hard on stopping the micro parenting. And I pretty much did a decent job. I’m letting her make her own little decisions. And the one very important lesson that I’ve learnt is to choose my battles. I’ve learnt to prioritize the areas where she knows I won’t budge and on others (less important matters :D) I let her have the final word. LISTEN MORE YELL LESS is my mantra for the year !! 
Less Screen time: This year I want to seriously reduce screen time particularly on the phone. I’m inching towards being one of those obnoxious people who is always on the phone. I want to start using the pen and paper more often. Especially with making lists and stuff. Even though the phone is more convenient but it kind of gets me in a loop. I take the phone to make a list but instead end up at fb, mail, Watsapp or WordPress. Then within minutes of putting away the phone, I remember I’ve not made the list yet and I take the phone again and the loop continues. You get the drift right !! I really want to reduce the screen time.
Exercise: Yes I can safely say I’m back but I could use a little more time on it. I need to increase the intensity to get more results. But having said that, I’ve also realized that unlike the hubby I’m not one of those who enjoy their exercise. For me it’s a chore that needs to be done. But that’s alright I hate doing the dishwasher too but I do it anyways. So I need to keep doing this too.
Carbs & Sweets: I have deliberately not generalized this category into healthy eating. The eating healthy part will only be complete if I can cut those two out of my life. We eat our fruits and vegetables. We avoid deep fried stuffs, fatty food and junk most of the time. But it’s the carb which is the killer for me. And the sweet treats. So while I wont set unrealistic expectations for myself, I’ll try my best on avoiding those two enemies. But I tell you this is gonna be the hardest of the lot 😦 !!
Me: I want to take myself more seriously and give my mind-body the importance it deserves. Get into a proper skin care and hair care routine. Will try not to feel guilty if I spend a few extra dollars on myself. I will ask for help when I need and say NO when I don’t want to get into something. 
Family: I will focus on those people who matter and not listen to every Tom Dick and Harry and spoil my mood. Will try to do at least one activity together as a family in the week and that does not count having dinner.
And last but definitely not the least is to be grateful for what I have and always count my blessings. To always know that I already have what’s important and the rest doesn’t really matter. So that’s about all the goals that I’ve set for myself. Let’s see how I do this year. 


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