Day 3 – Last day of break

The long break is over !! From tomorrow the regular routine begins once again. Even though we weren’t able to do all the things that we had planned with all the sicknesses making its rounds but nonetheless it was a relaxing and laid back kind of a break. As I always say I love having these two around the house !! Even with being sick, I tried to make the most of it and treated them with lots of homemade goodies 🙂 . And I feel so grateful for that.
Anyway yesterday we had a dinner and sleepover at a friend’s place. I’m sometimes amazed at how certain friendships work. We were introduced to this particular family through a common friend P about a year back. We have known P and her family for some five years. P has two daughters, one who is exactly my Daughter’s age. So needless to say we meet quite often and have dinners and play dates together. Her husband is also a nice guy with a great sense of humor. But sometimes I don’t know whether it’s just with me or it happens to everyone but the relationship does not progress beyond a point. Don’t get me wrong we really like P and her whole family but somehow the relationship kind of didn’t move beyond a certain stage. It is through P we met R and her family. It’s at R’s place, we went last night. With them we kind of hit it off instantly. They have two boys around Daughter’s age and they gel like a house on fire. As for the adults, after the first time we felt like we have known each other forever.
So yesterday, R had asked us to go to their house for dinner and spend the night there. Daughter was ecstatic at the prospect of a sleepover. We had a great time eating some of the best tasting food. We ate,drank and talked till 3 in the morning !! The kids were awake till 2 which is a first for my Daughter and she couldn’t believe her luck. We were supposed to get back after breakfast today morning since we had a lot of errands to run. But just as we were about to leave, the kids started to fuss in unison. Daughter wanted to stay back and play more. R and her hubby love Daughter and they suggested we go ahead with our errands and leave her there. They would drop Daughter in the evening. We gave in because the hubby and I were outnumbered in no time.
Quickly we got home, showered and went out the door. We did the grocery, did some return/exchanges and finished all our outside errands. We then decided to go and pick Daughter up ourselves since we were already driving around. By then it was past 4 in the evening and the kids still didn’t want to part. After promising to meet up soon, we came home.
After getting home, it was a race against time. I cleaned and organized my pantry. Put away all the grocery while Daughter sat for some study time. Hubby helped me clean and trash stuff from the kitchen. You have no idea how I trashed the chips and other such junk. Except for some cookies for Daughter, my pantry has all good stuff. The fridge is stocked with all good veggies and lean cuts of meat. The fruit basket sits loaded with beautiful apples and oranges. I feel so happy and content.
Then I made some wholesome khichdi for dinner. Mind you, Bengali style khichdi is not the regular khichdi which is made to go easy on the tummy. This is rich and delicious, with loads of seasonal veggies made to devour on a cold winter’s night. It is often accompanied with masala omelette or fritters or fried fish. 
Today has been a long day. And as I was typing the post I realized a lot has been done in this one day. Contrary to the laid back break, it seems the last day picked up momentum and has been a very hurried kind of a day with back to back chores. As I try to finish my post, Daughter is upstairs getting ready for bed. I need to take a quick shower before I sit with hubby and then call it a night. Tomorrow is the first school/work day of 2016 and as hubby goes to work and Daughter goes to school, I will say a silent pray for them that may all their dreams turn into reality and all their efforts into great achievements !! 


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