Day 4 – To do or Not !!

It’s been a while since I’ve been toying with the idea of a food blog. I think it was back in 2011, I had started a food blog in blogspot. My original plan was to keep the blog private and after doing some posts would make it public. But yes as you guessed, the blog didn’t see the light of day. The hubby and some of my friends have been after my life ever since to take food blogging seriously but I’ve chickened out for various reasons. The primary reason being I’m not good at photography which is a key to good food blogging. 
I have loved cooking or watching my mum cook since I was a child. Being an only child, I often found myself in the kitchen with her trying to put away groceries or shelling peas or simply telling her my daily stories while she finished her daily chores. Just like everyone else, my mum was the best cook in my eyes. And it also helped since all my extended family always went gaga over her cooking. I remember how my friends loved visiting my home just so that they could taste my mum’s cooking. She not only cooked the daily stuff really good but had an abundant supply of fancy recipes. So it was no secret, that all her recipes would be handed over to me.

But as luck would have it, I literally got married straight out of college. So I really didn’t have much time to learn and my mum never had a recipe book to hand me over. So when I got married I pretty much knew nothing. Inspite of that I really didn’t have any major cooking fiasco. But here I must also admit, that even though I didn’t know a lot about cooking but I knew my basic spices and lentils. And that was my greatest boon. Of course the hefty phone bills that we paid during that time is also worth mentioning. 

Cooking came pretty naturally to me. The hubby and I loved our food. I have my waist line to prove it 🙂 . We shared similar tastes and had almost no inhibitions to try different cuisines and different meats. We moved to the US right after marriage and being on H4 visa, I was left to my own devices for a great deal of time. So I experimented a lot with my food. I often recreated our tried and tested dishes and gave a little twist. I loved fusion cooking. So my kitchen became my play area and cooking a hobby. In no time I started getting a lot of compliments on my cooking. All our newly married friends would almost have me on #1 in their speed dial. We were like the food connoisseur. 

So the hubby and some friends weren’t exactly surprised when I expressed my desire for food blogging. But as I said I keep getting cold feet. As hubby once pointed out, I have nothing to loose if I try and then quit. I think I will give it a shot once this Blogathon is over and try my hand at the photography with our DSLR and not keep clicking with the iPhone. Till then all suggestions are welcome. Feel free to drop in useful hints about food and photography.


6 thoughts on “Day 4 – To do or Not !!

  1. I agree with P.. I just started my food blog in 2009 but not active at all. It took me 5 plus years to post 100 recipes. Just from last year I m active. Food photography I m still learning n I got my dslr only this year. Just go ahead n start. It’s fun 🙂 good luck

  2. It is definitely a do.. No questions about Not.. We all are here to try your receipes.. So please go ahead and start executing it as soon as you can.. All the very best..

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