Day 5 – 7th Birthday 

So last year around September, when we were getting ready to plan Daughter’s 7th birthday party she decided that she wanted something simple. Not a big affair. A home birthday party. Every year, we generally have a just-the-three-of-us-kind-of-party on the actual day and a typical kids’ party with friends on a later day. That has always been the case. But this year for some reason she was adamant that she didn’t want a big party with school friends and more. She just wanted a small gathering with our very close friends. 
So after a lot of talking, the hubby and I decided if that’s what our Princess wanted that’s what she’s gonna get !! Her birthday was on a Thursday and that being a school night, we thought it would be better to send the invites for the following Friday. I decided the menu and we also chose a rockstar party theme. Once we finalized everything, we told Daughter about our plans. All that was left for her, was to choose the cake from a local bakery. That’s when she decided, to drop the bomb. 
She wanted the hubby and me to bake a cake for the party. Here I need to mention that baking a cake for birthdays has become a tradition for Daughter. As most girls her age, she loves and gets really excited about baking. So ever since she turned 3, she has been helping me bake a cake for hubby on his birthday. And now she’s roped hubby in baking one for me too. So this time she wanted us to bake one for her party.
 I know it was a fair request except I wasn’t comfortable baking a birthday cake for a party. We tried reasoning with her and told her we could bake a cake for her for the actual bday day but for the party we would have to order. But this little missy has a mind of her own. She insisted that everyone would know it was a homemade cake and no one would expect it to be perfect. I couldn’t refute with her logic either. Except I knew my plate was getting fuller by the minute with cooking, decorations and baking the cake.
In all this back and forth discussion, Daughter had hubby on her side. They thought I could do it. It was a compliment but I wasn’t too sure. Even though I love to bake but making a birthday cake for a party was certainly not my cup of tea. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I soon zeroed on the type of cake I wanted to make. But the problem was I didn’t want to do a trial run coz that would spoil the surprise. 
My main concern was not the cake or the frosting. That part I was confident but what made me nervous was the presentation and assembly part of it. I know I was stressed to the brim but I managed to pull it through. I will never forget the look on Daughter’s face when she saw the cake. She hugged me tight !! That single moment made everything worth the sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. 
I know it wasn’t perfect and I need to really improve but for the first time it was an ok cake. For the first time, I played my hand with fondant. So I kept it real simple with minimal decorations. I focused on the taste and texture. In the end I was happy with my effort.

 The Princess Cake !! I know there is a lot of room for improvement.   
 For the first time she wasn’t sure about cutting the cake. She literally had to be coaxed to cut it 🙂 . 

 We set up the basement for a dance party with disco lights to go with the Rockstar theme.


4 thoughts on “Day 5 – 7th Birthday 

  1. are you kidding? that cake looks beautiful and perfect to my eyes.. Its the same tradition at our home too.. Adi and I bake the cake for her bday every year.. We have tried princess cake too during a holiday few years ago..

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