Day 6 – Random Rambles !!

Why is the first week after the holidays sooo looong ?? Ever since Monday morning I’ve been wanting for it to be Friday !! Crazy isn’t it but whenever I have a break or vacation getting back to daily/routined life becomes so difficult. Especially waking up to the damn alarm.
So yesterday it was pretty funny when while waking up Daughter she as usual was making a big fuss. As usual her saga of questions continued with: why does it have to be this cold ? Why wasn’t it cold last week when I had a break and could sleep in? I wish it was still winter break, why do all good things come to an end? I must admit my patience runs very low with these kind of questions but since it was morning and I try my best to avoid any kind of confrontations or yelling in the mornings I generally try to hold on to the shreds of sanity and do my best with these nonstop banter while hurrying with the morning chores. And suddenly I hear myself ‘honey all good things come to an end and how would we appreciate the good things if it was an every day affair. We need to have regular days so that when the special days come, it’s all the more fun.’ For a moment I thought someone else was talking. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was trying to explain something to a child that I’m not sure I understand myself 🙂 . But it really felt like a grown up moment 😀 . In case you are wondering yes I still struggle to act like a grown up at times.
Anyway today with Wednesday half way done, I just need to get through tomorrow before my most awaited day comes. But on a serious note, I’ve hardly got any work done. Didn’t even work out the last couple of days. But for once I’m not complaining, I know I just need to have these lazy days. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down. It’s a bright sunny day here and I loved sipping my spiced chai with a slice of leftover rum cake. Once in a while it’s fine to let the work pile up and watch the world go by. As long as I don’t make this a habit.


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