Day 7 – Proud Moment !!

Sometime last year around October, I was at Daughter’s school for volunteer work. I’m generally there during the morning hours. It’s usually around their lunch time I get back. So as I walked in that particular day, her teacher told me she wanted me to stay back and have a word with her once the kids leave for lunch. I was kind of worried. Daughter has never been in trouble at school and gets good grades. So what was the matter ?? I’m a person who generally assumes the worse case scenario and hence my mind was racing in all directions.
Somehow I got through my duties and it was time to talk to her teacher. I think she sensed my apprehension and got to the point right away. She wanted my Daughter to be tested for the District’s Gifted Program. She told me that on a routine basis the program starts from 2nd grade unless it’s an exceptional case. She further went on to tell me that she had already had a meeting with the principal and guidance counselor and they thought this is an exceptional case. I was flabbergasted. I know Daughter is bright but I honestly didn’t think she qualified for an exception. 
I was really happy and readily gave her my permission to test her. She told me a school psychologist would be appointed to take her test and we wouldn’t be given any notice as to when he/she would test her. I just told Daughter what would happen so that she would not be intimidated. To cut the long story short, she did an awesome job with the test. Her scores came just before the holidays and we were at the top of the moon. 
Today was her first class at the program and we were called for a meeting too. It was overwhelming since there was the principal, the guidance counselor, the psychologist, program teacher and her class teacher. And I can honestly say, that girl made the hubby and me so proud. Every one had great things to say not only about her score but also about her. It was such a proud parent moment for us. I cannot do justice in describing the feeling when everyone was beaming about her. Some of the words that were used by the group about Daughter were very well mannered, polite, kind, humble, modest, smart, confident, intelligent and very articulate.
I know I’m blabbering but couldn’t help sharing this news with all of you. I’m just so proud of my little girl and wish my princess all the luck in her new journey !!


8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Proud Moment !!

  1. proud of the little girl.. congratulations to all of you.. I know how it feels.. I literally shed tears when I received the mail about Adi getting selected for the gifted program. Time to celebrate 🙂 🙂

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