Day 10 – A Perfect Sunday !!!

It has so far been a real nice Sunday for us. After sleeping most of yesterday, it wasn’t a surprise that I woke up before the alarm went off. I was so relaxed and well rested. The hubby and Daughter were still asleep. So I thought I would surprise them with their favorite breakfast. But as luck would have it they were up by the time I was out from the bathroom. 

So we came downstairs and started on the breakfast. Hubby just wanted a toast and Daughter wanted cereal followed by bacon and veggie omelette. Her latest love is to help me in the kitchen with cracking an egg. So I assigned her to prep the egg. Happily she did what she was asked. After I got her settled with her breakfast, we had our toast and hubby made some coffee.

After a relaxed morning, I started on the lunch preparation. Once again I made some family favorites. While I was cooking, hubby played some good music. Daughter the cheerful butterfly that she is, danced with the music with us shaking a leg from time to time. Even though it’s a cold,dark, windy and rainy kind of a day but our home couldn’t be more happier !! Sometimes these simple pleasures are worth everything. 
Now we are done with lunch and licking the last bits of the ice cream. Hubby made his special concoction of cookies n cream for him and Daughter. And for me it was vanilla with hot chocolate syrup made of real dark chocolate. Yummm it was decadent. Isn’t there something satisfying about having an ice cream on a cold-cold day. I hope this guilty pleasure doesn’t land us in the doctor’s office.

We don’t have anything planned for the rest of the day. With some snow coming our way, I don’t think we plan to venture out either. So probably some board games and a movie is on the cards for us. 

Okee will now return to the two love bugs and have some quality no screen time. Hey !! Movies don’t count 🙂 !! See you tomorrow !!


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