Day 12 – Healthy Choices !!

So as mentioned in the resolution post, healthy eating is (or always will be) one of the major goals. For me giving up most things is doable but carbs !! By carbs I mean mostly rice. Yes I’m a big rice eater. And never in my life did I think that I could go on without rice for weeks on end. But last year the hubby and I decided to do the south beach diet. It took him quite a while to convince me. I for one couldn’t fathom how I could go on without rice. So we decided to give it a try. And I’m happy to say, we were on a no carb diet for that entire two weeks. Yes we didn’t cheat at all. That was a huge booster for me. I seriously didn’t think I had it in me. And from then on we have been on a no carb diet quite a few times.
But what I found most difficult is, what to eat !! There were times we would give up because rice was so readily available. And especially with our kind of gravies and sides, rice and roti almost seemed to go hand in hand. So now we have chalked a plan that works for us. Instead of a complete no carb, we aim at a very low carb diet.

I do not claim to be an expert here but I’m trying to share little tips that helped us stay on track.
Together: One thing that helps certainly is both the hubby and me do it together. We are kind of answerable to each other. So if one of us is having a slip, we try to get the other on track !!
Plan: Again this is very important if not the most. Planning meals ahead and having healthy choices stocked helps a great deal. That way the tendency to prepare a regular (typical) meal is much less. Do not wait to be hungry to decide what’s for dinner. Trust me no healthy choices will come to mind if you are really hungry and have no idea what to eat.
Breakfast: Start your day with a heavy breakfast that gives a kickstart to your metabolism. It’s very essential to have a wholesome breakfast comprising of proteins. 
Snack: Keep fat free cheese or nuts or raisins or fruits handy. For the south beach diet phase 1 fruits weren’t allowed too. So that was a real challenge !! 
Clean: Clean your pantry before you start. It’s very essential that you don’t find a pack of chips staring at you when you go to get a snack. Even if you need to keep certain somethings try not to keep it at a place which is always accessible.
Expectations: I think it helps more when we make realistic expectations out of ourselves instead of trying to change our minds and body over night. After doing SBD phase 1 for two straight weeks, we realized to go completely carb free is pretty difficult for us. So we cut the carbs drastically. For us, it’s very important to have rice at the end of the day. So we try to have a little amount of rice at night. But we get our dinner done by 7:30. I think it’s very important to strike a balance and to know what we are striving for. 
Indulge: it’s ok to slip sometimes as long as you acknowledge those slips and don’t make a practice. It’s ok to take a second helping of your favorite food. It’s ok to forget about it on a rare weekend and give in to those indulgences. Just remember to workout a little harder on those days. 
Like everyone else we are or primarily I’m trying to lose weight and that’s no secret. But most importantly what I want to achieve is a change in lifestyle. I want to reach a stage where making healthy eating choices come naturally. And that’s gonna take a while !! So till then I need to keep doing it.
Just like exercise has become a part of our life, I know eating healthy and wholesome meals are also doable. One thing I’ve realized is ever since I’ve stopped fighting this change I’m getting much better at planning better meals. I enjoy salads now. For me now burgers always don’t need a bread. You just need to find the right things that work for you. Rest will be easy. And healthy can be tasty !!
I leave you guys with some of the meals that we had today. 

  Breakfast:Omelette stuffed with chicken, mushrooms & peppers !!  Lunch:Black bean bread less burger with spicy mayo and avocado slices !!
Dinner: Pan seared salmon with green beans and veggie fried rice !!



3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Healthy Choices !!

  1. wowww I love the dinner plate of all.. can you pls share the recipe for the salmon? I am trying this too.. These days my lunch from home is mostly stir fry vegetables. Will do a post about it..

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