Day 13 – Asian style pan seared salmon

A fish hating Bong !! Yes it does sound like an oxymoron, doesn’t it ?? Well that pretty much sums me up !! I’ve absolutely hated fish all my life. While I hear stories of the hubby who would also hate fish when he was a child but ever since I know him he loves his fish. But my story remains the same. My relatives always told me that one day I would be at a place where I wouldn’t get most fish only then would I start loving it. Even though a lot of my friends and hubby swear by that theory but that didn’t happen to me either. In fact not having fish on a regular basis only deepened my dislike. So on those rare occasions when I buy fish, I make it for the hubby since it’s unfair to deny him something based on my dislike. As for me I just pick at it in the dinner table or better still order take out for myself.
But trust me, I’m not oblivious to the health benefits of a fish. So in my last India trip when people (extended family & in-laws) realized that Daughter shares my dislike towards fish, I was met with a lot of disapproving glances. But no matter what, that girl couldn’t bear the smell of fish. A fish fry or cutlet was fine but no fish in any gravy. Well what can I say, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess 😀
That’s when I realized that if I want her to try fish then I need to eat it too. And with us doing low carb/no carb diet, hubby too emphasized how we needed to incorporate fish in our diets with all that that Omega 3 and so on. So I started making fish on a regular basis.
So salmon is a fish that has found a regular spot in our week day dinners. I still don’t love it but I’m ok with it. As for Daughter, she just takes a bite or two but we are getting there at a slow pace.
So here is a quick recipe of the Asian style pan seared salmon from our yesterday’s dinner. Ani this is for you 🙂 

4 salmon fillets

1/4th cup low sodium soy sauce 

2 tbsp grated ginger 

2 tbsp honey or brown sugar ( you can add more if you prefer the sweet Asian flavor)

A dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Chilli flakes according to your taste

2tsp sesame oil or olive oil (sesame oil enhances the asian flavor)

 Salt and pepper according to your taste

In a shallow bowl whisk all your ingredient except the salmon. Then one by one dip the salmon in the marinade and coat it with the mixture generously. You should keep it aside for at least half an hour. If you plan on marinating for more than a couple of hours, refrigerate it covered. Then get a pan smoking hot and drizzle with your choice of oil. Try and use the same oil that you used in the marinade. A little oil on the pan goes a long way since there is already oil in the marinade. Put the fish skin side down and you can pour the remaining marinade as well. Cover it. Have your flame on medium low. It’s very important to have the pan smoking hot to start with. After around 4 minutes flip it and cook covered. Salmon is pretty much done in 4 minutes/side. That’s it. Done !! Enjoy with a side of rice. 



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