Day 14 – Bedtime Memories 

I’ve been hearing and reading about bedtime of many moms who have young children. So much so, it made me a teensy bit jealous. While I know, how difficult it can be to put a toddler/baby to sleep but I couldn’t help and reminisce about those long gone days when Daughter was a baby. I remember how every night, we would choose a book and read. I remember singing a lot of songs as I held her close. Of course some days would be so difficult with her not falling asleep and my head making a list of all the chores that needed to be completed before my bedtime. There were days I would go to sleep and she would lay there singing. But those days are gone and I really miss them at times.
Daughter being a typical independent 7 year old hardly needs me for anything much these days except for chauffeuring her around. We definitely have our mommy-daughter moments but more often than not I find them to be moments which I want to stretch and she wants to cut them short because of a book or something that needs her immediate attention. So mommy never quite gets her fill of her fast-growing-not-so-little-baby.
Daughter’s lights off time is 8:45. Trust me it’s a mad rush with after school activities, homework, bath, dinner time, brushing. And of course reading. How can we get through anything without this child of mine sneakily reading whenever she has an extra minute. So generally it’s a packed schedule on most weekdays after she returns from school at 4. So much so that sometimes I really miss those laid back pre-school days when we would play with Legos in the afternoon or make puzzles. Times when going to the park was a everyday ritual. 
The other ritual that I miss is reading to her. I remember I started reading to her since she was a few days old. I kid you not !! There was one book in particular she loved. By the time she was around a little over a year she almost knew all the words. By the time, Daughter was 3.5 yrs old she was an independent reader yet we continued our bedtime tradition. Then slowly she graduated to chapter books and somehow our tradition got lost amidst the daily activities. I really don’t know how we got out of the reading together habit since it was something we both loved and looked forward to at the end of the day. It’s been a while since she reads for about 15 minutes before we turn off the lights.
In fact last Christmas Eve after she had left milk and cookies for Santa, I pulled out the Night Before Christmas book hoping to read to her as it was another tradition for us. But the girl started giggling since it was so babyish. Of course she climbed in my lap and listened to it but as I was tucking her after finishing the story she smiled and said, ‘mommy you didn’t have to read to me, you know. I’m a big girl now.’ 
So yesterday when she was sick and stayed back home, it was no surprise when she read one book after the other. At night, I was working in the kitchen when she came to tell me good night, I could see she wanted something from me even though she didn’t say anything. I quickly told her to forget about it if she wanted a cookie to which she told me she wanted me to come upstairs and read a story. She just wanted some snuggle time with me. Of course I quickly tossed the kitchen towel and ran upstairs. It was so nice to read and lay beside her hugging her close to me while she drifted off to a peaceful slumber. Looking at her I only had one wish, don’t grow up so fast on me, mommy needs you to be little for just a tiny bit longer.


11 thoughts on “Day 14 – Bedtime Memories 

  1. Ah, and before you know it, she will be off to college.
    As of now at age 7, I think she can still be considered little. Not as little as she once was, but little all the same. Hold on to this I say 🙂

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