Day 15 – From a distance #2

Some time back, I had written about how I love to weave a story in my mind when I look at distant houses. So in the little town where I live, lots of homes have a story given by me. These are homes that I pass by regularly on trips to the school or grocery store or pretty much anywhere. There are homes that I see mostly in the evenings and there are others I’ve seen pretty much at all times of the day. There are homes where I’ve seen their occupants and there are those where I’ve just seen their shadows.
Now there is a difference that I’ve noticed while I’m behind the wheels and those times when I’m on the passenger seat. When I’m on the passenger seat I usually let my mind wander and weave a web of imagination around the homes that I pass. But when I’m behind the wheels the mind is more focused on the roads. In spite of that I take a quick glance at those homes which I’ve become so familiar with.
Here when I talk about these homes, there are a few my mind has become closely attached to in a strange way. One where an old couple lives, their house is very close to Daughter’s school. In fact they live in a quiet retirement community. Almost always I find both of them doing some yard work. And on those occasions when it isn’t yard work, I’ve found the gentleman helping his lady carry the bags (that I assume are grocery) from their car. I’ve found them sitting out in the porch reading or sipping a cooler on a hot day or doing some regular activity together. There is another, where a young couple lives and on our day to day passing I’ve witnessed the girl going for a regular jog to her being heavily pregnant and now they have a little girl. I don’t know but seeing people happy around me gives me a sense of contentment. While some of my friends who know about my weird habit question me that how do I know that they are happy by looking at them from outside. I really don’t know except that my head is an eternal romantic and I’ve given all these homes a happy story.
Now there is this far away house which I’ve noticed not daily but once in a while and especially when hubby is driving. I have no idea who or how many people live there. Except for the warm glow of their light or a distant image I know nothing. So the other day, we were coming home from dinner and all of us were really happy singing along with the radio. Unknowingly or out of habit, I looked over my shoulder when we approached this home and I saw an ambulance. The paramedics were bringing out someone from the home, many others whom I assume are family were standing by their front door. My heart sank and I stopped singing. I saw a little dark haired girl with big eyes. I honestly have no idea whether she was the daughter or the grand daughter or a neighbor’s kid. But her forlorn expression tugged a chord in me. I really wanted to stop by ask what had happened but I guess that would make me appear crazy. So I just sent a silent prayer hoping it wasn’t something bad. We have passed that house a few times ever since and everything appears to be normal from the outside. I say outside because I have no way of knowing. 
I always thought that people watching and giving stories to homes is my favorite pastime. But that one day I realized how I’m affected by people whose stories are scripted by me. Even though I have given them all a happy story in my head but that doesn’t mean life is always so generous to them.


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