Day 16 – Daughter’s Birth Story 

Few days back, one of my favorite blogger SJ had shared the birth story of her wonderful son M. Reading it made me want to share mine. And with running really low on ideas I thought why not. Mine was like a dream come true pregnancy and delivery. 
Being in India during Daughter’s birth gave me a lot of luxuries. I was able to take complete rest and would sleep pretty much whenever I wanted to. Eating was also great. I just had to wish for certain somethings and it would be there. My parents and the hubby pampered me to the core. I really felt like a princess. 
To begin with I must say my pregnancy was like a fairy tale. I found out I was pregnant before the 28th day. Yes !! Actually I remember it was one afternoon I had nothing to do and while cleaning my drawers I found an old pregnancy test. We were actively trying during that time. I knew to get an accurate result it was better I tested early in the morning since it was too early to test. But being the impatient person I’am I just wanted to do it pretty much convinced that it would be a negative. But for once the gods decided not to disappoint us. At long last the stick showed the much awaited double lines. I remember I called hubby at office and even though I had dreamt of that moment for some time by then, but when the actual time came I blurted it out without a preamble half crying and half laughing. Rest as they say is history 🙂 
After the initial bout of happiness settled in, every body told me that morning sickness would kick in anytime. Even my obgyn told me that morning sickness had not started because it was just a few days and in no time the puking period would start. Every morning I woke up thinking I would throw up but nope nothing happened. I sailed through the first trimester without throwing up even once. There were no food aversions as well. There were times I wondered if I was really pregnant. Thank God for the ultrasounds and its reports !! Would you believe it, I didn’t throw up even once. Yes you read it right 🙂 !! It was like the best time of my life. 
Anyway my due date was 3rd November, 2008. I had very early on decided to go for a c-section. In spite of my doctor trying to convince me otherwise. From October, started the every week check up. I remember that year Diwali was on the 28th and I was worried if I didn’t get my doctor in case I went into labor early. So on the 7th of October I shared my worries and she reassured me and hubby she would be there when the hospital called. She gave my next appointment for the 15th when we would have another ultrasound and decide if there was any change in the dates.
Happily I waited for the 15th. The eternal planner that I’am, I packed my bags ‘just in case’. We had also shopped quite a lot of unisex clothes and other necessities. So I had my appointment on the 15th at 10:30 in the morning. Hubby would always accompany me to all these check ups. I had started a little pain in my lower abdomen since the 13th. It wasn’t bad but I remember it wasn’t too comfortable either. 
On the 15th, we reached the nursing home by 10. Luckily I didn’t have to wait for long. I told the doctor about my pains and casually she announced that what I was feeling were labor pains. After checking me she said the baby had come down and I was already 2cm dilated. So it was ‘go time’ . Hubby and I were almost in shock. 
From then on it was crazy. The doctor convinced me to try for a normal delivery and decided to induce me. They were constantly monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and everything was fine until the heartbeats started to fall. The doctor knew we were in favor of c-section, so she ordered the nurses to prep me for the surgery. Next there was a whirlwind of activities and then came the monstrous epidural. Even though I was fully conscious but a lot of it is blurry too. By 12:08 pm Daughter was out. Yes it was that fast !! 
The doctor wrapped her in a cloth and brought her to me. It was the most precious thing I had ever seen. I was so lost that I really didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl. I remember the doctor asked me ‘do you know what this is’ and I answered ‘it’s a beautiful baby’ . To which he smiled and said, ‘congratulations you have a baby girl’ !! 
I can honestly say she was and still is the best thing that happened to us. She came to us after a lot of tears and prayers but in that one moment we forgot all the pain. I still remember when they handed me my precious bundle, I fell in love instantly with those big gorgeous eyes. And there started the most beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood.


8 thoughts on “Day 16 – Daughter’s Birth Story 

  1. Beautiful story! Agree that our children are maybe our best decisions ..i feel the same way!! Didnt understand one bit got an epi and had a c section? Or you got the epi and pushed her out? Also interesting that you wanted a c section. Why? Any reason?

  2. Awww… Such a beautiful Story MTW ! Your daughter is truly a Blessing , specially when you were trying ! What a pleasant surprise it would have been for you to just casually do a prege test and get a positive result 🙂 . What a breeze through your pregnancy as well – I kept throwing up a lot for M ! sometimes even 7-8 times a day !

    Love this post – MTW – Thanks for mentioning SJ and M :))

    1. Yes it was a breeze… You know for all the tears I shed before, I thought the easy pregnancy was god’s give back to me … And how can I not mention you guys, you were the inspiration:)

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