Day 18 – Cheater Alert 

  In front of my house … Grrrrr !!

It’s just one of those bitterly cold days today !! Thank God it was a school holiday here. We were pretty much cooped in at home because of the dangerously low temperatures. Even with staying at home, I pretty much got nothing done. By nothing I mean ‘no work’ done. I had a lot of quality time with Daughter 🙂 . With hubby working we were left to entertain each other. We had loads of fun playing, she telling me about the current book that she’s reading, gossiping about her friends. It was a nice way to spend a cold day.
Now it’s almost dinner time and I’m no where close to having dinner ready. Forget about having it ready, I’m not even sure what I’m going to make. So brainstorming time ahead. I know it’s a cheat post but c’mon it’s Blogathon !! Little cheating is allowed.


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