Day 19 – Daughter’s One Liners

These days the Daughter has been giving me a lot of one liners. Here are some classic ones which really cracked me up !!
#1) Its almost 9:15 in the morning and I’ve not had an opportunity to get a cup of coffee in spite of being up from 6:30. I’m literally banging and clanging stuff in order to get everything done so I can have my cuppa, Daughter who has been a silent spectator to all this calmly tells me, “mommy it seems your system needs some fuel, or else it’ll crash”.
#2) I was pretty upset over something and was in a grumpy mood. She looks at me and says, “chin up girlfriend, nothing good will come your way if you sit sulking”.
#3) I was really hungry and hubby in his penchant for healthy eating offered me a cracker which in return was met by my glares, Daughter comes up to hubby and says, ” she is super hungry which is making her super cranky, I think you should just ignore her right now”. This one really made feel like a spoilt toddler throwing a tantrum.
#4) We went to the temple last weekend and while going around Daughter it seems closely watched the priests. While coming back she announces, ” I can never be a priest, they have to be serious and talk so less. If I’m made the priest then the temple guys will fire me in one day since I’m such a giggly chatterbox”.


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