Day 20 – One of those days….

Sometimes things don’t go according to your best laid plans. You work hard and doesn’t matter what people think, you know you did the best you could. But nothing seems to work right. A lot of us have I’m sure been in such a situation. So what do we do ?? Cry ?? Sulk ?? Get under those covers and not come back until you feel better ?? Or do we fight all those urges and carry on with a smile ??
It’s one of those days for me. I’m trying to fight that urge of going to bed. I’m not good at handling stress. The mind seems to be in a shut off mode. I’m looking for those self help talks but all I get is silence. No not silence exactly but to be completely honest it’s mockery that I hear. So I’m just doing my regular activities trying to ignore that voice. 
I know this post doesn’t make sense and I apologize for this incoherent post. Hopefully tomorrow I will come up with something better. I just need to go and work out. Exercise does take off some of that negativity and I’m hoping the remaining bits will be taken care of by the warm shower. Here’s hoping I begin to feel like myself in a couple of hours.

  I came across this on fb and it has kind of stuck with me since yesterday.


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