Day 22 – Little Mind Big Thoughts !!

This was during the time we lived in our old two bedroom apartment. We were just getting into the house hunting stage. I remember I had narrowed the area on the specific schools. It was one hot August afternoon and we were returning from somewhere and Daughter who was 4 then was peacefully napping in her car seat. Hubby and I decided to just drive around our chosen neighborhood just to get a feel of the place.

She was at an age where she hated being in the car strapped for too long especially if we were on our much loved aimless driving. So I double checked on her and saw she was fast asleep. So without wasting a moment we started going around. 

We were looking at houses and trying to guess the price. We were constantly saying which was the grandest home of the lot. And soon We realized that one of my chosen neighborhood was way beyond our budget. But nevertheless we explored the area and kept saying stuff like – ‘wow’, ‘ I wish we could buy something like this’, ‘love love love this one, I wish we were living in this home’, etc etc.

Suddenly we hear a little voice from behind saying, ‘ our house isn’t big but it’s very happy. I love our apartment.’ We had t realized when she had woken up. But I remember looking at hubby and saying to him, ‘I don’t know whether we do the whole parenting bit right or not but I’m sure we are doing certain things good’. We were amazed at her maturity and how well she had articulated her thoughts. 

Today when I saw this image on Facebook, I was once again reminded how my little girl had figured out something at a young age which as adults many of us struggle to understand even now.

  Image courtesy: Facebook 


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