Day 24 – Rambles 

After all that snow cleaning and hard work yesterday, our morning started on a bright and sunny note today. Hubby made his usual protein packed breakfast of scrambled eggs with tons of veggies. Daughter had her regular cereal. After sitting with Daughter for a serious home work session of multiplication and some writing, I quickly finished some household chores. It was followed by a quick salad lunch for us and a sandwich for the little one. We then went to watch a play. It was a beautiful rendition of Aladdin. The music, costumes and the performance were really awesome. A perfect afternoon. 

From then on it was regular grocery shopping. Now I just want to get over with this have-to-do-post. Seriously some days are so difficult. Especially when the mind is running at different directions, with some clothes that need to be ironed and dinner that needs to be cooked and the daughter who has to be in bed by 8:30. So the mind really can’t be blamed for not being able to churn a better post. But as they say Blogathon calls for daily posts but whoever said anything about great thoughts and good contents. What, no one said it ?? Ok fine, that’s the new rule 😀 !!

So off I go quickly to whip up something in the name of dinner. Talk to you again tomorrow !!


4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Rambles 

    1. This is regular scrambled eggs only we throw in tons of veggies like all kinds of peppers, asparagus, spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes… Basically what ever you want … Salt pepper and any hot sauce… We also put jalapeño in there… Instead of regular eggs we do it with egg beaters… That India trip is my light at the end of the tunnel too 🙂

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