Day 27 – A Midweek Break :)

Isn’t it fun, when you get an unexpected break in the middle of a regular week !! So today was one such day for us. I had my volunteer work at Daughter’s school today. So after taking care of my work at home, I left for school. Hubby was working from home. It was a regular day at school, I was asked to do what I generally do with the class. So there was no surprises there and things worked really good. 

One of the things that I do is correct their paper work – check spellings, punctuation and that kind of stuff. With 1st grade half way done, it’s amazing how good the kids are doing. I’ve been checking their paperwork since the beginning of the year and it’s wonderful to see the improvement in most of the kids. There were some days when after reading their writings I would literally have to look up words just to be sure of the spellings. And one particular boy who really had trouble in reading and spellings had no mistake in his work today. I felt so proud of him.

Anyway I came back around lunch time, to find hubby all ready to take me out for lunch. This guy had been working really hard the last few days, so he was asked to take the afternoon off. We went to this nearby hibachi place. The food was awesome and so was the ambience. We had actually reached the restaurant a little after the rush lunch hour. So we kind of had the place to ourselves and were able to have a good conversation about old times. 

After that we did some shopping and soon it was time to pick up Daughter from school. She was super happy we went to pick her up and even more so when she saw we had bought some gifts. After coming home, she quickly finished her homework while having her snacks. 

Now it’s time for us to head out for swimming. After that we will pick up pizza for dinner. Bliss !! I wish all Wednesdays were this perfect !!


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