Day 28 – Happiness And Fitness 

Happiness is eating healthy…. It’s being able to whip up a home cooked healthy meal from scratch… It’s knowing all the ingredients that are in the dish….

Happiness is being able to resist the temptation of eating out….

Happiness is getting new yummy salad recipes….

Happiness is going without any form of sugar for two weeks…

Happiness is realizing you’ve stopped craving for rice every night….

Happiness is working out….. It’s having a sweat dripping sore body….

Happiness is counting calories and knowing you ate less than your target …

Happiness is happily making healthy choices….


5 thoughts on “Day 28 – Happiness And Fitness 

  1. Awesome MTW!! 2 weeks is amazing. I am at 1 week tomorrow. But will mostly give in this weekend as we will be with friends.I dont like explaining the no sugar thing in social settings somehow. But I also. Know I will be having some wine so there it goes! Amazing that you are so positive about this regime

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