Day 30 – The Girl And The Restaurant 

We go to this Thai restaurant pretty often. They have some of the best Thai food we’ve tasted. We especially me love Asian cuisine particularly Thai because of its spicy nature. When we moved to to Pittsburgh area around 7 years back, we searched for a decent Thai place to eat with no luck. It was only early last year, we found this restaurant and it’s was definitely a keeper.

The best part of this restaurant is the wonderful owner. This place is run by a Thai lady. She has a niece who lives with her, helps her run the place. And this young girl has the biggest smiles. They are very friendly and very personable. Mind you, this restaurant sits in the busy Pittsburgh downtown and in-spite of them being busy all the time, they still take time to talk to their customers. Both the lady and her niece are extremely friendly.

What really intrigues us most is how this niece remembers everything. So we’ve discovered the restaurant about a year ago and we’ve eaten there around 6-7 times. They don’t have any waiters, it’s generally the owner and the niece who take everyone’s orders. But the second time we went there the young girl remembered that we choose 9 as our spice level. I was impressed but didn’t think too much of it since not too many people order that spicy. So I told myself that’s probably the reason why she remembers it. 

Next time I was really surprised when she asked my Daughter before we were leaving that whether she still likes to use her strawberry lip gloss. Looking at our surprised expression she smiled and said she had seen her use it once before. She would often tell her stuff like, ‘wow are these your new boots ?? I loved your brown ones’. We would always say that she has amazing memory because of the little things she would notice and talk about it later.

Today we went there for lunch and as usual she talked about something about which I had asked her during last summer. After that she had taken a break and on the last few occasions we went there she wasn’t working. When she started talking about it today, it took me a minute to realize she was referring to a conversation I had with her almost eight months ago.

I couldn’t help but commend her on her awesome memory. She very shyly said she remembers things in details. Then told me with a very forlorn look that she always made great grades with very little effort. She loved to study but didn’t get a chance to pursue in her academic career after graduation. 

I walked out of the restaurant feeling a little sad. As we got in the car, I told the hubby what a waste of her amazing memory. She could have been doing something so much better had her situation been different. Hubby thinks she will do well in life because she has a positive attitude and uses her capability in the little ways she can. I honestly wish her loads of luck and hope she gets a chance to live her dream someday. 

Like I said Thai food being one of our favorites, we’ve tried it in lots of different places but this small restaurant with a girl with a million dollar smile has left its mark on us that’s gonna last forever. 


6 thoughts on “Day 30 – The Girl And The Restaurant 

  1. Such a heart warming read. I’m sure she will do great. After all academic areas aren’t the only routes to success, I’m sure she’ll be fantastic in whatever she chooses. And come to think of it, she is already an entrepreneur of sorts with her aunt. And with her attitude, your husband is right, she’s bound to be extremely successful.

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